How to Make Good Prospects in Sales

You have to design an action plan to get new customers.

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“You have to design an action plan to get new customers. And an action plan means setting growth targets for January in the tourism sector, for example. For February, in automotive. Then in April I’m going to dedicate myself to the little ones… We have to segment the market into pieces for each month of the year, focusing on generating new business by attacking a specific piece. But also change daily habits. When you arrive at the office in the morning, dedicate an hour to grow, get customers, because growing is the locomotive of the train, it is what drives the business.”

Says Andoni Rodríguez de Galarza, expert in planning and implementation of commercial actions.


This is the theory. But in practice, and any commercial knows it well, growth objectives collide with another reality difficult to ignore: Who do I call? A reality that Tomás Santoro, co-founder of SumaCRM, sums up: “Since you do not know who to call, you call to right and left and you end up fed up because you do not go to the next phase. If you are already likely to receive a no with someone who might be interested in your product, if you are calling a lot of people without interest … “. And pulls statistics to shore up the waste of resources that supposes: “From the top of the funnel, in the opening, you have a 20% chance that the person will allow you to continue talking with her. If you have not done a good prospection, and you are calling people who are not directly your feed, you do not have a product that serves that company, that percentage becomes totally unpredictable, with which, you end up super frustrated as a seller. You say, I do not know what happens that one month I have 5% and another 15%. And you end up going crazy. In short, the first thing is to know who your customers are and where they are. And the second, find your contacts. “


One way to identify potential clients is Felipe Pérez de Madrid, managing partner of and a professor at EDEM, who recommends “making a robot portrait of the ideal buyer company, where what we can offer works best. And this can be done by segmenting a lot of variables, by number of employees, by sector, by turnover, by geographical area, by the competition we have in the area … With this picture we will go much more successful. “

José Martrat, ESADE professor and founder of ActitudPro, recommends “look at who is selling your competition. That today is as simple as taking a look at the web page, because many presume their customers and put the references. Also through networks, especially Linkedin, you can see who are the contacts of the commercial of your competition to see who they are selling. ” That would be, let’s say, the guerrilla prospection. “Another way, of a higher level, would be to do the marketing exercise and analyze what needs my product or service covers and in which segments not covered can have those same needs,” adds Martrat.


“If we have gone from selling to cover needs, you have to segment your market to detect those needs. Because many of those pieces have the same. For example, tiny companies. Since everyone needs the same, it is much easier to identify what they need and offer them a value offer. The same with the automotive sector. Since I know what they need, it is much easier for me to cover or awaken that need. That’s why segmentation is important and designing an action plan for a new business that is completely unlinked from day to day, “explains Andoni Rodríguez de Galarza.


“In addition to segmenting, it is necessary to qualify the interlocutors. And to qualify them is not only that they are large or small, it is to see if they are closely linked to another consultant or another provider. It is to see if they are viable contacts for the volume of business that they can give me. The efficiency of the commercial is time and it takes the same if the customer is large, medium or small. You have to invest time in those customers who have, a priori, a greater predisposition to have a business relationship with you, “says Juan Ruiz del Portal, CEO of Overlap Spain.


“Nowadays, a prospection is not conceived without social networks. In Linkedin you have the history of the person who is going to interview you, possible contacts you can have in common, groups to which you are subscribed … A commercial must have a presence in networks, you must have a blog, you must have a certain voice in your sector to generate confidence in their customers, “says Pérez de Madrid.

In addition, networks also serve to prospect you. “There are people who say they do not need the networks to sell and I always tell them, you will not need them to sell, but if a client looks for you and does not find you, they will find your competitors,” advises Rodríguez de Galarza.


To qualify contacts is also to obtain them by first and last names: that of the people who decide within the companies. How do we get to them? “I see two ways: one is using what is called the gold chain, the chain of customer relationships that have had a good experience with you. But be careful, because I do not talk about clients that you have sold them to, but about those who have had a good experience with you. That client is much more open to recommend you. The other way is the use of social networks and, specifically, Linkedin, to identify the person who can decide in a company. Many times in the B2B business, I want to sell to Telefónica, but at Telefónica there are 50,000 people working. Which of these 50,000 is the person who has the capacity to decide or to influence a purchasing process? “Reflects José Martrat.

Tomás Santoro has an answer: “You go to Linkedin, you put the web or the name of the company and you get the people who work in it. So, if you make the call, ask questions directly for the person you want to talk to. Instead of asking for the responsible for purchases, questions for Javier whatever it is… If they are small companies, they almost always happen to you, “he says and specifies more:” There are tools that take out the direct email from that person. With which you can now combine and send an email to Javier, always personalized, and that is not spam. Always understanding the process of buying the other and why it will be good for him. As it goes directly to personal email and it is very rare that people have it, you tend to answer many”.

The tools to get direct addresses from Linkedin?

“I use Find that lead and You write the name of a person, the domain of the company and the role with which you need to speak (the marketing manager, the commercial director, the CEO, the operations or the Human Resources) and makes all the possible combinations match and their emails.”


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