How SMEs Can Improve their Sales on Instagram

Social networks are a key communication tool for companies. Through these platforms, companies can be in contact with their customers and show what their products or services are.

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Social networks are a key communication tool for companies. Through these platforms, companies can be in contact with their customers and show what their products or services are. What strategies should be carried out? In this post by TreceBits we analyze how SMEs can improve their sales on Instagram, the social network of the moment. For this, we interviewed Spanish entrepreneurs from different sectors: fashion, cosmetics, beverages and decoration.

“Our advice is to be oneself in social networks,” agree Alejandra Fernández and Ignacio Hierro, co-founders of the clothing brand Arica Brand (@aricabrand). “There are always going to be people who like what you do more or less, and in this world, saturated with supply, authenticity is rewarded,” they say.

His textile firm has 26,000 followers on Instagram, a social network where they landed in 2016. “The most difficult part is undoubtedly differentiating [from the competition], integrating an added value to your brand,” they confess. “In the case of Arica, we are proud of having achieved a place in this highly competitive sector. The followers that we have got them organically, they know us and there is a very high percentage of loyalty. In the end we are a family, that does not understand Arica only as clothes, but as a way of life “, they emphasize.


On the other hand, Carla Díaz and Rocío Rivera are behind Atelier Bio (@atelierbio), a natural cosmetics store with 3,800 followers. In his opinion, communication is capital. “First you have to have a good strategy and show each product, explaining the benefits obtained with it. And then teach how to use it, because it is complex, “they explain. In this sense, the weekly direct that they organize to “show and clarify doubts about the product that we promote are key”.

“Our balance is positive, since the feedback we get is mostly from this social network,” they add. Among the milestones they have achieved so far, they highlight that they have made their brand known, they have increased their number of subscribers, they have launched their first online course and they have contributed more and more valuable information.

Bebe-Té (@shopbebete) is another example of SME on Instagram, where it already has 2,800 followers. Jordi Arias tries to “take great care of the photos” he publishes. “I like people to see ‘nice’ things, not just the image of a product. The world of tea is linked to health, tranquility, being with oneself … I try to transmit that in my publications, “he stresses. In her case, she reveals that she takes advantage of the stories to share photos of her working, fun moments or Spotify songs.

“Instagram is a very good showcase”, adds this entrepreneur, who stresses that through this platform he sometimes creates more link than face to face. “The ice is broken before in the networks. I believe that in Bebe-Té I have managed to create a community around my store and the world of tea “, means a positive aspect.


The Minimoi children’s decoration shop (@minimoi_) has a special presence. It has 84,000 followers. Roser Cuscó, its founder, explains that this medium brings them closer to their audience, facilitates sales, allows them to test the launch of new products and also detect needs that are not covered.

“There is no magic recipe to sell through Instagram,” he admits. However, she provides some clues about what they do and what works for them. On the one hand, “they take care of the images” that they publish in the feed, so that they show the products in a real way and are coherent with the brand image they transmit.

In the case of stories, they pay less attention to aesthetics and choose to be closer and spontaneous. And, above all, they take advantage of their presence in this social network to talk with their audience. “For us, Instagram is also a key piece to show that behind Minimoi there are people with service vocation and desire to guarantee that the shopping experience exceeds expectations.”

Authenticity, good communication, take care of the photographs, talk with the audience. These are some of the keys that these entrepreneurs point out, who agree that it is not an easy task to sell through Instagram, among other reasons, due to the strong competition that exists and the visibility problems they face after the changes of algorithm.