Direct the Commercial Effort only to your Best Customers

If you do not have one, the first thing is to make your clients database. For this you can use CRM programs (Customer Relationship Management).

Of all your customers, select the best. How? Apply the 80:20 rule or Pareto law according to which the most profitable customers are usually that 20% that generates 80% of sales.

Ideas to improve your client management

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Identify the basis for customer loyalty. It can be for the price, the quality of the service, the product or the brand image. That information will take you to the next step: the choice of the type of program. “The loyalty of a client or consumer can be won in two ways: emotionally or rationally,” recalls consultant Víctor Küppers.

In the first case, the products are associated with an intangible valued by the consumer. It is the model of Apple or Coca-Cola. In the second, the purchase is rewarded with discounts, gifts and promotions. “Both are compatible. The reward you must have if your competitors have it, “recommends Küppers.


  1. Reward program. The popular discount coupons.
  2. Of preferential treatment. They offer a special treatment or service (VIP rooms…) to the best clients.
  3. Multisponsor program. Through agreements with other companies. It’s the Travel Club model.
  4. Of points. Accumulate points for successive purchases gives access to gifts.
  5. Creation of emotional events and links. Like those developed by motorcycle manufacturers or the Mini Club.


Keep in mind that to be effective it must be different from your competitor’s. If not, it loses value. And think that this is a long distance race.
A company that intends to retain its customers within a period of one or two years is doomed to failure. Customer loyalty is an objective achieved after aligning culture, leadership, people and work processes and methodologies towards customer satisfaction through the creation of value.


If you opt for card loyalty, in the market you will find specific solutions that include software, manufacturing and personalization of the cards.

The system is usually easy. You install the program, register customers and assign them a barcode, so that each time they use the card they obtain the corresponding points. And remember that the costs of the program are part of marketing.


Some consultants say that 5% of the increase in customer loyalty can produce an increase in benefits of between 25% and 85%.

“If companies really knew the cost of losing a customer, they would probably devote great efforts to avoid it with loyalty programs.”

Küppers concludes.