Audi and Disney want to Turn your Car into a Virtual Reality Attraction

The future will be much more technological… and entertaining. So much that we could even go to work mounted on a roller coaster of virtual reality. Disney and Audi have announced at CES 2019 their plans to convert cars into RV mobile amusement parks.

With the arrival of autonomous cars we will have much more free time. Imagine being able to make productive use of all that time you spend looking at the car in front while you’re stuck in a traffic jam, or the long journey you make every day to get to and from work.

While the first thing that comes to mind is to use those hours to answer pending emails, make calls or advance work, Audi and Disney have a more entertaining proposal.

“At CES 2019 they announced their joint plans for the autonomous cars of the future, and among them is converting vehicles into virtual reality amusement parks.”

The novel system they presented is called Holoride, which combines virtual reality and autonomous driving to synchronize VR experiences with vehicle movements.

To show the possibilities of the technology they developed a game called ‘Rocket’s Rescue Run’ in which the user sitting in the seat of the car with an RV helmet feels that he is traveling through space shooting asteroids and enemy ships accompanied by characters from ‘The Avengers. ‘

When riding in the vehicle you would enter your destination to calculate the duration of the game, and also adjust the video to the movements of the vehicle to avoid dizziness during the RV experience.

Logically, until the cars are completely autonomous, the system can only be used by the passengers, not the driver himself.

Audi is not the only car manufacturer taking the RV to the vehicles, so we can say that moving in the future will not only be more comfortable, but also more fun.