Why they Have Banned the Amazon Dash Button in Germany

The Amazon Dash buttons are small knobs with a button and Wi-Fi connection.

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The Amazon Dash buttons are small knobs with a button and Wi-Fi connection. Each Dash is associated with a product, so that by pressing the button, the product is automatically requested to arrive at our home as soon as possible. These devices are designed for consumable products such as detergent, food, etc …

“The Dash buttons, able to order Amazon automatically, will be banned in Germany for giving null information when placing an order.”

They can be comfortable not to run out of a certain product, but now, the Dash buttons have been declared illegal in Germany. The reason is that apparently violate the laws of the German country on consumer protection.

At least that is what the higher regional court in Munich has decreed. According to the organ of justice, the button does not provide Amazon customers with the necessary information (among which the price is included) when making an online purchase.

The lawsuit has been filed by the consumer organization Verbraucherzentrale NRW, which belongs to the North Rhine-Westphalia region. The ruling dictates that Amazon must indicate the price and other details of the product before making a purchase, something that when processing an order using the Dash button, does not occur.

When dealing with devices with a single button, which make the order when pressed, the only way to check the price of the product purchased is a posteriori using the Amazon app. The complainant organization ensures that this type of practice puts users at a disadvantage compared to large companies.

The court has also found other irregularities in the terms of use of the Dash buttons, which do not clearly specify that users have to pay for each order. The ruling is not yet firm, but once it is, Amazon will have two options: remove the Dash buttons from German lands or redesign them to comply with Germany’s consumer protection laws.