Can Saving Lives be a Crime?

Is saving lives a crime? Should it be to look the other way?… Three Sevillian firefighters from Proemaid were tried in Lesbos to save hundreds of people in Greece.


Is saving lives a crime? Should it be to look the other way?… Three Sevillian firefighters from Proemaid were tried in Lesbos to save hundreds of people in Greece. The laws, so necessary and adjusted in most cases, become obsolete or dehumanized in convulsive periods and changes.

The laws, those to which we must all welcome, sometimes go one way and people go for another. It is the case of these three firefighters who were judged for not knowing how to look the other way and save the lives of those who could lose it in drifting boats.

Luckily, when laws do not protect human rights, there are people and associations dedicated to safeguarding them. Associations such as Proemaid and Open arms, rescue from the sea those people who try to reach Europe fleeing from war, persecution or poverty. Not saving the life of who falls into the water is what should be punished.

Finally, the firefighters who had been accused of human trafficking, when carrying out refugee rescue tasks as volunteers of an NGO, say they are “happy” and “relieved” after being released. “The sentence shows that saving lives is not a crime,” said one of them after the court’s decision.

“Humanity gains more power every day; no more happiness.”

-Yuval Noah Harari-

Suppress human rights out of selfishness

Everything returns. Today are others, yesterday we were, tomorrow nobody knows. We can not allow ourselves to live in a world that only looks at its navel, because even if today we have the right to win tomorrow we will not know what situation we will have to go through. If we encourage a world in which there is no compassion, there is no empathy and there is no justice, sooner or later we will touch the other part of the coin, as citizens and possibly as a nation.

Under the mafias that are dedicated to the trafficking of people hides a lack of sensitivity of society. Although it is more than evident that we must fight against these mafias that dehumanize people by treating them as numbers, the place to fight them should not be the sea.

The fight against these mafias has to take place at the points of departure and arrival, once people are in the bar should not be admitted as a battlefield. The battlefield must be on solid ground, in the sea endangers innocent lives that flee from barbarism.

“The most advanced countries are leading the world to disaster, while the peoples until now considered primitive are trying to save the entire planet. And unless the rich countries learn from the indigenous people, we will all be condemned to destruction.”

-Noam Chomsky-

At sea, every second counts

As Albert Einstein said, the problem of man is not in the atomic bomb, but in his heart. In the case of the associations that contribute internationally in the rescue work of men women, boys and girls in extreme circumstances, their heart can not be bigger. For these people it is better to act by exposing oneself to repentance, than to regret having done nothing.

The ruling of Lesbos clarifies and ratifies that these associations are not worthy of the criminalization for saving lives, of which they are currently and unfortunately object, in this and in other similar cases. It is, without any doubt, humanitarian work for the purpose of exemption from criminal responsibilities explicitly referred to in the European Facilitation Directive.

This sentence not only goes well to these three Sevillian firefighters, but to all the people who help save lives in the Mediterranean, because they were judging people who help. There has been an attempt to penalize solidarity, an attempt was made to criminalize humanitarian aid and this sentence shows that saving lives is not a crime.

“We are just an advanced race of monkeys on a lesser planet of a very normal star. However, we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special.”