Quotes from Bill Gates to Change Perspective

What stands out most in the phrases of Bill Gates is his unquestionable common sense. He is a man who managed to foresee great changes and who has known how to induce them all over the planet, with surprising pragmatism.

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Many of Bill Gates’ quotes have been around the world. After all, he is one of the great contemporary gurus. Some admire him for being one of the 10 greatest millionaires in history. Others, for their capacity for innovation. Some more for their philanthropic activities. The truth is that nobody is indifferent to him.

Although on several occasions it has been questioned by undue industrial practices, the truth is that most prefer to see it as a symbol of innovation. In fact, many of the most well-known phrases by Bill Gates allude to this.

“My ambition has always been to make dreams achievable.”

-Bill Gates-

Be that as it may, the truth is that the world was one before the owner of Microsoft and another, after him. His way of seeing reality has led to definitive changes and this we can observe in some of his sentences. These are some of the most emblematic.

The geeks and the future

“Treat the geeks well, one day you’ll work for one of them.”

Those people who think or act in an unusual way are called geeks. They are those who are often referred to as “strangers” or “eccentric” and who in some circumstances are the object of ridicule or rejection.

This is one of the phrases of Bill Gates that shows us another perspective. Some of those geeks will be, over time, those who innovate, those who will prevail over the way of thinking of the great majority. Because innovation starts by not being like others.

One of Bill Gates’s phrases about information

“Keep in mind that information is power.”

This could be one of the phrases that Bill Gates has repeated the most in the world. It is almost a slogan, or a mantra of the time. Access to information has decisively modified the power relations in the world today.

So much so, that a single hacker, from home, can shake the financial system, as seen in several embezzlements. In the same way, the fake news and the information circulating through social networks have even succeeded in putting and stopping entire governments.

Creativity and the opinion of others

“We tell our employees that if no one laughs at least one of their ideas, it’s probably that they’re not being creative enough.”

This is a criterion that probably does not make sense in traditional companies, but that, instead, governs the day to day of the vanguard companies. The great always has, in principle, something crazy.

To create and innovate it is necessary to have doors and windows open to the imagination. The truly creative products may at first have the stamp of the absurd or the impossible. They cause laughter even. But there is the germ of the new.

Personal responsibility

“If you mess up, it’s not your parents ‘or your teachers’ fault, so do not whine about your mistakes and learn from them.”

This is a wonderful phrase that calls for us to take responsibility for our mistakes. It includes two interesting ideas. The first and most obvious is not to blame others for our mistakes. Once we are adults, we can take responsibility to repair the deficiencies or mistakes that could have those who educated us.

On the other hand, the phrase also indicates that the raison d’être of mistakes is a new learning. Therefore, an error is not, much less, a reason to launch a barrage of lamentations. The only intelligent thing is to examine it and get new knowledge from it.

Insults to oneself

“Do not compare yourself to anyone in this world. If you do, you are insulting yourself. “

To compare ourselves with others is a completely useless exercise, but also neurotic. There is a lot of emphasis on this, but it is very common for us to discover ourselves taking, as a point of reference, the achievements and failures of others, to self-evaluate ourselves.

Bill Gates labels this behavior as an insult to oneself. To faith that it is, because in this way we are distorting all the elements that grant us particularity and individuality. Each reality is the product of multiple specific factors, so it is unique and incomparable.

All the phrases of Bill Gates stand out for their realism and sharp common sense.