Living in Fullness, an Important Decision

Living in fullness is not a state, it is a process where we understand that we are more than what we have done or achieved. It is what we bring with us, it is to appreciate our magical essence and to understand that we are a very precious good.

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Living in fullness is possible thanks to the appreciation of what we have, with everything we have lived and with what we are. Now, the art of feeling full also enables us to be entrepreneurs, explorers of better ways to feel empowered by experience, self-love and personal security. Few psychological states are as enriching as they are powerful.

The poet T. S Elliot said that the fullness that the human heart longs for is always available. However, we do not see it. Even more, we also do not know how to reach that dimension because in many cases we do not understand a key aspect: fullness flows in us only when we empty ourselves.

We talk about letting go of the anxiety of not having certain things, to realize that we have more than we think. Turn off the fear of losing certain dimensions, people or objects to discover that sometimes it is better without many of these realities. The fullness is, after all, an awakening and first of all an awareness of who we are to live with greater balance.

It is often said that this dimension reaches a certain stage of our life cycle, which is the product of maturity. In recent years, attention has been focused on that decade between the 50s and the 60s, where the human being supposedly reaches a greater degree of psychological well-being. Well, it should be said that in terms of age, nothing is absolute.

Each one reaches that peak of personal development and fulfillment in his day and in his moment, sooner or later. Others, however, never reach that peak. Let’s see more information about it.

Live in fullness, live in balance and personal satisfaction

Living in fullness is not a state. It is not to reach that peak of the pyramid of needs of Abraham Maslow, place where self-realization resides and to think that everything ends there, that we have conquered happiness. Actually, living in fullness in reality is a process: to be part of the movement of life feeling strong and capable for what may come.

Therefore, we are not facing a dimension of personal development that is easy to reach or conquer. Moreover, from the social sciences there is a constant interest to understand how people face these happenings in such complex times. Social psychology wants to understand more than ever, what are our internal resources to achieve well-being.

Thus, the psychologist of the University of Princeton Daniel Kahneman tends to say that a large part of this research has a curious problem: people do not know exactly what happiness is. However, in a study that he himself carried out and published in the journal Science under the title Would we be happier if we were rich? It showed something very interesting that, apparently, most of us are clear about.

In this work Dr. Kahneman made us see that, on average, people know that money does not bring happiness. And we also know that happiness is not the same as personal fulfillment. In reality, something that most people aspire to is precisely this last dimension: to feel fulfilled, fulfilled, in balance with ourselves and our own life.

What are the keys to live fully?

Living in fullness is the opposite of living in a vacuum. This last state is experienced when discouragement, anguish, fear and the feeling of loneliness grow. It is clear that, in some way, we will always be dealing with these psychological realities; However, the person who works daily his fullness is better able to handle those situations.

Therefore, let’s see how to reach and develop this dimension.

You are not what you do, you are what you carry within you

We seldom ask ourselves this question: “What do we bring into our being?” Often, we usually define ourselves by what we do or what we have lived (I am a nurse, I am a mechanic …). Now, to live fully we would do well to become aware of what we carry in our personality and that defines us:

I am passion, I am hope, optimism, I am determination, I carry with me my compassion as a nurse, I carry my love for my family, I feel the satisfaction for what I am and I have achieved…

Feel present in the here and now with all its possibilities

Living in fullness is not a state, it is rather a process and first and foremost an attitude. It is very clear what it is that we carry within us and with it, make the most of the present, the here and now.

If we carry passion, connect with our reality to enjoy it. Likewise, if we carry the affection we take care of our own, connect with our loved ones in the present moment. If our interior is defined by curiosity, learning and experience, we take advantage of every second to continue experiencing and feeling life.

It is about how we see, to reach a harmony between what we are and what there is around us. To live in fullness is not to regret what we lack or suffer for what we have left over. It is to feel empowered to accept what can not be changed, to have the courage to transform what can be changed and to continue progressing without losing that personal balance.