Trends that Have Emerged at CES 2019

Another year has taken place at CES 2019, the largest technological event in the world held in Las Vegas and attended by the most relevant international brands.

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Another year has taken place at CES 2019, the largest technological event in the world held in Las Vegas and attended by the most relevant international brands. We review what trends have emerged in this unavoidable event.

Taking stock of the CES 2019 held in Las Vegas and which has hosted the most important new technologies in the year, there are numerous trends that stand out, confirm or gain weight within the international innovation scene. In this meeting with the most important tech companies in the world have shown advances in robotics, wearables first, roll-up televisions, instant translators, futuristic transport or gadgets for cars connected.

According to the news presented at CES 2019, we review the main trends shown at the technology fair, some of the best gadgets that have seen the light in the event and some controversy.

  • AI ​​is everywhere: From cars connected to smart homes, the AI ​​splashes everything. Google has emphasized its increasingly pointer virtual assistant Google Assistant, which will reach 1 billion devices worldwide at the end of the month. Innovations such as the integration with the Sonos loudspeakers and Samsung’s new smart TVs have been announced or a new update that the assistant will take to Google Maps. Lenovo is also developing a smartwatch powered by Assistant.
  • Smart home and connected: The smart homes are getting closer thanks to the emergence of all kinds of devices such as the robot that doubles the clothing of FoldiMate, which will be released at the end of 2019 for 980 dollars, the vacuum cleaner robot Coral One , the smart mirror Savvy Smart Mirror or the intelligent video camera Wellcam – which allows the subscribers of to expand security to the homes of their loved ones. Other interesting gadgets have been smart locks and timers, remote ventilation control, smart lights, smart plugs, smoke sensors or smart toilets.
  • Doubtful approach to 5G: CES 2019 has been responsible for continuing to plant the hype around the increasingly 5G that will totally revolutionize the landscape for both users and companies. The competition is fierce: both Verizon and AT & T boasted of being the first 5G, while KT claims that a robot in South Korea is their first 5G client. Another pattern is AT & T’s insistence on using the term 5G E for its advanced 4G LTE network, which critics rate as little more than fake 5G.
  • Advances in health technology: In addition to fitness technology such as the Withings Move ECG – which detects arrhythmias as well as monitoring your physical activity and your health, costing only a quarter of the Apple Watch – clever mattresses, white noise devices, purifiers of air and gadgets to improve the quality of sleep.
  • Controversy against an intelligent sex toy for women: CES 2019 withdrew a prize of robotics to a sex toy “for immoral”. This is the Osé massager who won the honorary prize in the Robotics and Drones category. This intelligent device is remote in character and simulates the texture of various parts of the body such as fingers, tongue or lips. After the withdrawal of the prize, its creators and part of the sector have denounced the machismo present at the event, since CES 2019 has exhibited other products related to sex as female sex robots.

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