Practical Self-motivation Exercise for Entrepreneurs

We all go through bad times at work. Moments in which it seems that everything we do is meaningless.

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A very simple way to practice self-motivation is to transform the negative of life into positive. To do so, read the text several times before starting the exercise in order to familiarize yourself with the content, sequence and terms. Find someone you trust who will read it or get it. Adopt a very comfortable position and, preferably, do not cross neither legs nor arms.


Think of a task or activity that is really attractive and motivating for you. Imagine you are watching the movie of that activity. Note the qualities of the image: the colors, the angle, the lighting, the sound, the images, the sensations.

■ Rest and look around you, breathe easy.

■ Now think of something that does not arouse any interest in you. Again, consider it as if it were a movie, analyzing all its qualities.

■ Rest and look around you, breathe easy. the two images and perceive the differences between their qualities: lighting, brightness, colors, size, distance, sounds, emotions …

■ Write the list of the combination of features that was most attractive to you so that you have the elements that your mind uses to tell you that something is valuable and motivates you.


■ Think of something that is valuable for you, but difficult for you to carry out.

■ Concentrate and ask yourself if there is any objection to fulfilling this task. Be sensitive to these objections and, if you can not satisfy them with comfort, adjust or change the task so that there are no objections.

■ Think about the consequences of doing homework, not the work of doing it, but the benefits you will get once it is completed.

■ Now, use the list of items you wrote down in the previous exercise. Remember that they are the most attractive and motivating. Use them to change what you think about having that task done and completed. Give the visual, auditory and kinesthetic elements that you wrote to the work done. Continue doing this until you feel strongly motivated to complete the task.


■ Imagine that you see a person just like you, at close range. That other you will do the exercise while you watch it.

■ Choose something for which you want to be able to motivate yourself and be able to carry it out. Start with something simple, something that you do not enjoy when doing it but you really want to see it finished. It can be, for example, ordering the paperwork or updating the files.

■ Observe the other you and see what will be seen when the task has been done, including the positive consequences, the direct and immediate benefits and the future ones.

■ Now look at that other you doing the task with ease. While doing so, he keeps looking at the finished task image and it feels good. Note how the other’s voice is stimulating and reminds you of the future rewards and what you have achieved so far with respect to the objective. Finally, go to the other you are delighted to have finished and enjoying the reward obtained.

■ Take the image of that other you and slide it towards you.