Musk Says the New Tesla Roadster will Fly with SpaceX Technology

It seems that in the future Elon Musk wants to merge plus two of its main companies, Tesla and SpaceX.

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It seems that in the future Elon Musk wants to merge plus two of its main companies, Tesla and SpaceX. The businessman said on Twitter that the new Tesla Roadster could incorporate SpaceX technology to become a flying car.

There is already a Tesla Roadster floating in space, but it seems that Elon Musk visualizes a future in which his sports cars also levitate through the streets of the city. Instead of taking off within a SpaceX rocket, the Roadster would integrate the technology of SpaceX rockets.

Musk has revealed his intentions on Twitter, as the businessman usually does. Retweeted a GIF posted by a user in which we can see a car levitating on the ground with a blue light coming out from under the wheels, and accompanied the image of a text that read “The new Roadster will really do something like this”.

Anyone could say that Musk was joking, but given the history of the entrepreneur it is quite easy to believe that his intention is to develop Tesla Roadster flying. He has expressed his intention to build a network of tunnels underground to alleviate traffic and colonize Mars; in front of that a flying car does not seem so crazy.

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However, in case there was any doubt the youtuber Marques Brownlee responded to his tweet with a “the thing is that I feel you’re not kidding”, to which Musk replied that he was not kidding. “I will use the SpaceX cold gas thrusters,” he explained, adding that they would be placed in place of the two rear seats.

“Also, you can accelerate to the limit of human endurance,” Musk tweeted, continuing the conversation about the flying Tesla Roadster.

Of course, Roadsters dodging birds will probably be something that we will not see for a while. In another tweet Musk admitted that a hybrid between a car and a rocket is not something that the law foresees for now, and probably will be banned for a while.