19 Innovative Ideas to Succeed in Traditional Sectors

Selection of opportunities that already work and that you can also start up.

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If you do not know how much today a Jedi Yoda master figure from the Kenner brand (leave Hasbro), with his twisted stick, his fine toga and the original tiny belt, all in good condition, but unfortunately, can cost in its original packaging, you will not enjoy this business idea: a monthly subscription service of amazing products from the Start Wars universe. For the modest price of $ 25 plus shipping you get a box home and do not know what you will be surprised: what if clothes (A Jedi toga, maybe? Or a shirt with a very close-up of the first tonsils of Chewbacca?), that if figurines (new, unfortunately) … The idea is called Smugglers Bounty and has the official seal of Star Wars – we refer to the approval of Disney and Lucasfilm -. By the way, the figure should cost about 30 euros.


Something must have the detection of fraud in the résumés (university training, professional experience, incidents in previous jobs, criminal history that is hidden, fraud of identity …) of candidates for a job for large investors have fixed in this idea.

And now you will say that the companies that move such a high volume of CVs as they should have this already resolved. Yes and no. Yes, because they do it by hand. And no, because if you save time and costs, you may be interested. Although the grace of the business is not there. The true potential of technology is, according to its founders, in all those companies that are emerging in the heat of the collaborative economy: cleaning at home, private drivers … These are companies that need to gain rapid volume and do not have the resources to have a team checking background at the pace they need. Think, for example, of a startup that starts in this sector, still without a Human Resources department.

It is clear that it is not a new market niche within the Human Resources sector. Until now, there were consultancies and consultancies that carried out this type of offline work. And, in addition, they concentrated this effort in positions of high profile. And is there any figure that supports all this? According to a study carried out by the fraud prevention consultancy GAT Intelligence in 2014, one third of job applications (34%) presented in our country “contains lies about experience, education or the ability to perform functions of the work to be chosen “, and around 45%” are inflated “.


And more boxes. Imagine that you like science fiction to the point that a doll and a shirt fall short and you want to know how it is possible for ships to explode in space when it is physically impossible, or if you want to know how it is possible to survive on Mars. Outer Places proposes packs of scientific training to go beyond science fiction movies and books. Basically, to know what is science and what fiction.


The road freight transport sector is slowly reinventing itself, but re-emerging after all.

Cargomatic proposes to take advantage of the free space in trucks that are already making a route to carry an extra load. The work is managed through a mobile application. Something must have this startup when it has been able to raise in less than two years 10 million dollars of investment. Cargomatic is aimed at companies that have a vehicle fleet of less than ten drivers and charge a 20% commission on the billing of orders they accept through the app.

As a guarantee, the company is responsible for reviewing the licenses and transport history of drivers who join the app.


Private clubs selling wine there are two hundred, we already know. Winestyr has called our attention because it is exclusively from small California producers who do not sell in stores. In addition, all club members can talk 24/7 with a sommelier to ask questions and chat for a while about their hobby.


Airbnb is already invented, so why not think about which side products can be sold to hosts and Airbnb users and their international clones. There are four business ideas that are already underway:

  1. Remote Lock. Digital remote lock so you do not have to be aware of the keys (especially because your neighbor, the 2D, the retired military, amateur or Real Betis Balompié, he does not like all this mess that you bring with people going in and out of your house every weekend).
  2. Hacking Airbnb. Courses to get the most out of Airbnb: basically how to get them to go to your house and pay you, instead of the guy who rents the apartment on the street in front. There is also this other course.
  3. Shower control. A device to save water for the freeloading guests.


If you do not get a dirty envy the buses of the airlines that pick up your neighbors pilots and flight attendants while you wait for public transport to pick you up at your stop and then take 25 minutes to take a tour that usually takes only four , Chariot, a mix of crowdsourcing and a lifelong private line car to go to work will not do you any good. For three euros they take you to your work, whenever you want. It is not a bad value proposition for when you do not want to lose 20 minutes or go cold at the stop.


Millennials have become the most attractive potential customers for many, because of their increased purchasing power as they enter the labor market and because they are very avid travelers. Yes, also very particular. They look for hotels where technology is very present (Wi-Fi is taken for granted and that they are offered for free as well). To attract them, it includes innovations such as check-in via mobile, or autocheck-in, such as the Galician Hotel Literario San Bieito, spaces to share reading and large tables to eat in company with other travelers.

And why not an assistant robot like the one offered by the Aloft Cupertino Hotel to get their attention and encourage them to share their experience on social networks?


Anything that involves entering a mature market is going to get our attention.

Think of coffee, a mature sector where there are, where half a thousand roasters compete with very local brands. Is it possible to enter such a market? Well, it turns out that it does. For example, there is still a long way to go in the hospitality channel: there is very little differentiation, the brands that are most known are those that are positioned for domestic consumption, there are no big national brands that do a good job in the channel hospitality and there is a space for differentiation.

There is also a gap in a differentiated product. For example? In intensity. It has occurred to the founders of Death Wish Coffee that there has to be an audience for such a strong coffee for tough guys and types.

They sell online and have also released a special packaging of capsules for domestic coffee makers that work with this very profitable (for companies, we mean) system.


One of the main headaches for a technology startup is finding good computer engineers for the project. The best, or are taken by other startups or work for a large consultancy and will not leave a fixed and stable position to earn 18,000 euros a year in projects that last eight months that three than a year. Starting, they are not interested because that’s why they are the ones who set up the startup and if things go well, they earn more – and if they do not go well, at least they learn to start a business for a fifth of the cost it would have cost them to pay a master’s degree in a business school.

And that’s when Gigster comes into play, a network of freelance engineers of the first line – they insist on the first line – that they develop for your project without forcing you to get into fixed costs and without taking them out of their comfort zone. Of course, the cost is not that of a Fiverr.


Hotels reinvent themselves to get closer to retail practices. The future is to offer differentiated proposals, try to give the tourist the best of the local culture instead of those standard products that we are accustomed to seeing in the shops of the hotels.

Also, in the alliance between commerce and hotels, with new multiformat formulas, such as the one offered by the Hotel Bakery of Barcelona Praktik Bakery, designed so that its guests wake up with the smell of fresh bread.


There are consumers who like it, what will they do who have discovered fit trousers at 40, wallets that bulge little and that should only carry their credit cards and the Public Library until they start using a once for all an ewallet. Well for them, who exist, believe you, there are companies like Kerfcase that allows you to personalize the, we assure you, portfolio-wallet, smallest-finite planet. Between two thin wood plates,

together with a rubber band your prietas and discreet cards will travel, like a good spy of the cold war. It is, by the way, the favorite of Ant-Man, if he carried a wallet fighting against evil and did not leave his belongings at the box office of The Avengers.


They have not invented the wheel, that is clear. But, as always, the key is in the how, not the what. We explain ourselves Clutter is a storage company that collects what you want to store in your home and takes it back home when you want. It is not an option, as many self-storage businesses offer, already in the market, but the norm: service is like that. You do not have to pay more for it.

In addition, they take photos of your belongings, assign them bar codes so that you have an online catalog with your belongings because, let’s face it, what goes to the storage room, stays in the storage room.


The impulse of the ecological culture and the return to the origins, the search of the natural and the traditional create opportunities to defend food proposals elaborated in a traditional way of all kinds: cheeses, sausages, author’s cellars … Products that are not can buy anywhere else, but for its quality deserve to be in the best gourmet stores in the world.


What options do you have when a flight is canceled or delayed, what do I know, five hours? Do you go to the counter to sing the forty to the ground staff that, by the way, is not to blame for the delay? Do you call the airline’s customer service to discuss until you become hoarse by mentioning mothers? Do you book a last-minute ticket at an astronomical price to arrive on time for that unavoidable event? It has occurred to the founders of Get Free Bird that you may be interested in anti-delay insurance: if your flight is canceled, you will be warned even before the airline and they offer you all alternative flights, which you can book for free directly through your application with a single click.

The proposal is that simple -and, yes, it sounds that way commercial-, another thing is how the operations behind it will be to negotiate the bills, claim the money and have enough liquidity -that is, enough subscribers of the service- as for able to cope with the percentage of delays. Of course, the offer is strong.


Also, in the tourism sector, you can differentiate yourself with Only adults accommodation offers or by offering services to the P2P apartments that they visit regularly. The Spanish BnBSitter developed that idea in Barcelona: handing in of keys and cleaning and laundry service for apartments that private individuals rent.

Think, too, that there are more and more hotels and restaurants that offer healthy experiences, both for leisure and business travelers. A change that you can take advantage of by offering yourself quality products: gluten free, for vegans, detox breakfasts or new elaboration processes, such as vegan and allergy pastries provided by Muuglu.

Another almost untapped niche is the rich and healthy food for older tourists. A need that will increase to satisfy a senior consumer increasingly numerous and demanding. And in which a lot is being invested in the food industry. Look for the term growing young to go deeper into this recent trend.

There are also opportunities offering sports plans to maintain a healthy lifestyle outside the home, such as those already offered by some hotels, with cardio machines in some rooms or running routes; Even the possibility of going out to run with your employees. Research on platforms that bring together different types of sports, such as the Woow portal, for bikes, and register your business (accommodation, travel agency, event and any other local business) as bike friendly.


There are also opportunities around very specific leisure proposals, such as trips of museums, of history, photographic routes through cities, routes of graffiti or urban art, vegan routes and even the Sabina route, and offer innovative agencies such as MadWay or Carpetania .

Low cost buses to travel abroad. It is a market that has not been exploited and that wants to develop the British Megabus. At the moment, it only has routes from Barcelona, ​​but the idea is to continue opening new ones. It offers international trips with aggressive discounts (from one pound) with a bus format in which more seats and travelers are included, to make the journeys profitable.


It is assumed that when you work on Google analyzing data and finish up to the hat, that, analyze data, the logical thing is that you want to set up a company … analyze data more efficiently, cheaper, in another sector, with another objective…? That is what we are used to seeing. What we are not used to is that two ex-googlers decide at their own risk to leave the company to start making ‘high-end’ candles by hand. What do they know that we do not know, for example, you and me, about candles? This is what we learned from Keap, a small candle manufacturer in Brooklyn who in three weeks got the $ 25,000 he needed – in fact, he got twice as much – to start up in a crowdfounding campaign.

One. To begin with, they do take something from Google: the importance of thinking about exactly what the client wants, what is being offered right now and what can be offered that no one is offering. Because it turns out that you may be paying an excessively high price, the products may not be designed according to your needs and only the manufacturer’s margins are taken into account. For starters, they sell for 28 dollars a better product than the one that is already sold in the market for 70 dollars simply using organic raw materials (their wax part of the coconut) and eliminating intermediaries: they sell exclusively online.

Two. You can even give a design layer to a product like this. The vessels in which the candles go, once worn, serve to drink: they are designed to drink. As they do not carry anything toxic-they do not carry artificial colors, etc, etc.-, wash it, and run. In addition, the labels do not carry that annoying glue that does not remove even the claws of Wolverine’s Adamantium.


Let’s see. The smartest invention for the beds devised so far by humans, you know, is the Nordic duvet, which has made 99.99% of human beings living in the West do not have to make the bed anymore. But that does not mean that there can not be other proposals to make our beds more intelligent and our lives easier and more comfortable. Until now. It turns out that Casper, an online manufacturer of mattresses from California, has set out to improve what goes under the quilt: the mattress and the pillow. They have designed a mattress that, they say, fits the needs of any person. Last year they invoiced 20 million dollars (and that started in the month of April, in which they already invoiced, they claim, a million dollars), so they must have been successful in something. Now they are sinking their teeth into the pillows.

The grace of the business is triple. For starters, they sell exclusively online, which in a way is a change of the rules of the game in the traditional market in which they move: large physical exhibition spaces where customers try the product, having to decide between different degrees of firmness , choosing between different materials and looking at different prices when making a purchase decision – this applies to both mattresses and pillows.

In addition, they have applied to this sector the model of the three musketeers -one for all, all for one-, instead of playing with a product range and thus being able to use a pricing strategy with which to direct consumers towards the products that They give more margin.

And, finally, they apply traceability to all the materials with which they manufacture their products.

Now they also fit into the bedding. If this is not a reinvention of the basics, let Kawasaki himself come and say it.