Vodafone Spain Proposes to Lay Off 1,200 Employees, Almost 24% of staff

Vodafone Spain plans to lay off 1,200 of its 5,100 employees, according to the company’s statement to workers’ representatives.

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Vodafone Spain plans to lay off 1,200 of its 5,100 employees, according to the company’s statement to workers’ representatives. The company says “economic, productive and organizational reasons” to apply the cut of personnel, which will affect 23.5% of the workforce.

The operator has called the unions to start, at the end of January, the consultation period of this Employment Regulation File (ERE). The process is scheduled to last one month. The company, which claims to be “sensitive to the impact of the measure”, addresses the negotiation with the intention of reaching “the best possible agreement for both employees and the company.”

However, UGT, a majority union in Vodafone Spain, has rejected “frontally” the ERE, considering that the situation that the British operator is going through “is not the responsibility of the staff”, but of its managers, and that with the proposed measure The company intends to “solve its demonstrated and repeated inability to make strategic decisions.” “It seems unnecessary and wrong for us to consider a staff cut again when, in addition, only three years ago the last one took place,” he added.

With the departure of 1,200 workers, Vodafone Spain trusts “to reverse the negative evolution of the business, strengthen its sustainability, protect the investment capacity and design a more competitive organization and better adapted to what customers ask”.

In a statement, the company claims that the demand for services offered “continues to grow exponentially”, but prices do not increase. And it offers a data to corroborate it: close to 50% of gross registrations are associated with “low and medium cost” offers.

More than a thousand dismissed in 2015

The revenues of Vodafone Spain fell by 3.2%, to 2,421 million euros in the first fiscal semester, burdened by the replenishment of tariffs and the football war, and its book value in the country was reduced by 2,900 million.

In addition, during the period from April to September 2018, it reduced its television customer base by 98,000, of which 66,000 between July and September, mainly due to the decision of the British company not to continue buying football from Telefónica, which was made in June. with the contents of La Liga and the Champions for upcoming seasons.

However, in the semester it added 35,000 customers of mobile telephony contract and 32,000 of fiber, although in this segment there was a decrease of 5,000 between July and September.

Neither is it the first time that Vodafone carries out an ERE nor is it the first time it affects a similar number of workers. In 2015, after the purchase of Ono, it left 1,050 employees on the street, 18.3% below the 1,297 initially raised. In 2013 Vodafone fired some 900 employees.


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