Facebook Cannot be Removed from Some Samsung Phones

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Some Samsung brand mobile phones, such as S8 and S9, contain the factory-installed Facebook application. This would not be a problem if it were not because it is impossible for users to uninstall it completely from their phones. The only way to get rid of the social network application is to disable it, but that does not completely eliminate it from the terminal.

“Samsung includes an indelible version of Facebook on some of its mobile phones.”

This has caused some commotion, since as a result of the invulnerability of the app certain questions arise about security and privacy, the most important one being: does Facebook continue to collect user information even if the application is deactivated? This question becomes more important in the wake of the different scandals related to security breaches in which data from Facebook users have been exposed.

On the other hand, some users have complained in social networks about the obligation to have certain applications mandatory on their phones. They argue that users should decide what software they want to be on their terminals or not, without default applications that can not be eliminated in any way.

Whether the Facebok app is permanent or can be removed depends on the deals that the social network has made with the phone manufacturer. These negotiations, of course, are not very transparent and are not known in depth by the public. That is why there is no list with all the phones and brands that include the factory Facebook application without the possibility of eliminating it, it is only known that, at least in those Samsung models, it happens.

Facebook has reported that when the app is disabled on the phone is as if it were not actually installed, so it does not collect data such as contacts, location, or any other information. So far, this situation only affects phones with Android operating system, since no iPhone model includes Facebook factory.


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