This Male Fashion Brand May Be the Next Scalper

Edmmond Studios reached the market three years ago and is already present in 150 international outlets.

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Edmmond Studios reached the market three years ago and is already present in 150 international outlets.

They started selling T-shirts, with an initial investment of 20,000 euros, and in three years they add three own stores and 150 international outlets with collections of textiles, footwear, swimwear and accessories for men. An expansion boosted by a very successful marketing strategy: create a lifestyle based on music, surf and motor. “When we founded Edmmond we saw that brands did not bother to tell something, to tell stories. And in the end the marketing goes from that, to making a sexy product. How is it achieved? Telling stories. We chose these three concepts to tell ours because they are the passions of its founders. The world of motor and the world of surfing, which are very aligned. And music. With these concepts you can create a beautiful aesthetic and, what is more important, to tell things in the social networks around the products, without talking all the time about the product, which is very boring. In the end, you create loyalty to those who feel identified with these concepts, “explains Juan Calvente, founding partner and creative director of Edmmond Studios.

A positioning that has allowed them to create exclusive agreements with brands such as BMW, Pukas, Son of Cobra and Sportivo. Special editions for your customers. “With BMW what we did was a shirt and a sweatshirt for his club with a presentation of his motorcycles when we opened the Fuencarral store. We have also made a collaboration with Pukas, which is one of the most important surfboard companies in the world. It is a Basque language and in Spain they had never collaborated with any brand. In the end it is about putting together two brands and bringing the good of each one to a common product. And that then has an impact on the media. “


Another idea that we like about the brand is that they have not looked for the low price. Unlike. To value what they do, they defend a way of making fashion that lasts and that ends with the current consumption based on buying a lot, for low prices and throwing it away soon. A more responsible consumption, without putting on the eco friendly clothing label. “We can not stand for that kind of stamps because we’re not. The echo is something that we take into account and, in fact, we want to start working with more organic fabrics. But the reality is that what most contaminates this industry are dyes and washes. In this sense, what we say is ‘You do not have to buy three shirts every month where you spend little and last a short time’. It is not necessary. We want to position ourselves as a more responsible consumer brand, in line with others we have seen in the US, which say ‘Buy yourself a shirt, pay more, but it lasts much longer’. It is where we are positioning ourselves without being our claim. “


For Calvente, a key to reach far is to have ambition. “I want to compete against the big nationals, but they are not the ones I look at. We created the brand because we could not find a brand that would identify us in any way. There were no creative concepts. They were simply a shirt, with a logo, and without a value proposal behind or a clear concept. We did not feel identified. We were looking for a brand that had a roll, that was special, that would tell something, that it would do something different and that it would also be of quality. Make a Spanish brand, produced in Spain and Portugal, and put it out of Spain. We are inspired by thousands of brands that are doing wonderfully well all over the world. In the United States, in Japan… 45% of our products are being sold outside of Spain”.


In the international expansion has played a key role to be present in multi-brand stores. Thanks to its commitment to the main international fairs. “Fairs that do not enter any brand and where the stores go to buy their collections and that have allowed us, with a small team, to bill two million euros. It is still not relevant, but we must measure it with the time we have. Three years. And think about the potential it has. “

An important journey to which Juan Calvente insists on taking away poetry.

“The entry barriers to making a clothing brand are small. Make a collection is relatively simple and with Instagram and social networks it is very easy to test what are the advantages and virtues of a brand and what are its disadvantages. The difficult thing is to make a hole. How is it achieved? Climbing the brand. And how do you scale the brand? With money. With money and know how to do it evidently. Setting up a store in Claudio Coello costs money. And to open a store you need a collection. In the end you need distribution, the multi-brand stores. And that is a barrier to entry, because you have to produce a year away. It’s the fashion cycle.”

And he warns:

“You do not mount a brand with a web page where you put 10,000 euros between three buddies and then do not have money to do marketing. For people to enter the web you have to do digital marketing. And that also demands a budget. It is a very, very complicated industry. Many factors influence and in the end behind all this there is an important team. The idea is to make it huge.”