How to Improve Google SEO and Create Backlinks in 2019

Getting other websites to link to our site is essential to achieve a better positioning and that search engines show our company in the top positions of the search results. However, this practice should not be developed in any way, but should be committed to quality backlinking or, otherwise, the consequences can be disastrous for SEO.

“Trying to “trick” Google by getting any type of links is not recommended.”

Although it was a common practice for years, leave comments on forums and web pages any with links to our portal is no longer something that we should bet. What search engines now value is that quality links are obtained in reputable sites. This is going to be the main trend for 2019.

One of the options to achieve them is to purchase sponsored content on recommended websites, but … how to get in touch with them? In what aspects should be fixed? When buying quality backlinks, using specialized platforms that connect brands with influencers can be a good option, since they guarantee access to the most appropriate websites and web pages in which to publish content with a link, perform the economic management with the administrators of the sites and, above all, guarantee quality and not be penalized by search engines for buying excessive sponsored content.

Having specialized services in the purchase of quality backlinks like the getfluence platform allows professionals to pay attention to all those issues that must be taken into account in order to get the first positions in the search results for the keywords that have been added. selected.

For example, nowadays, Google’s algorithm penalizes that backlinks are placed mostly on the keywords that you want to position. That is why it is necessary to properly select the “anchor text” on which the link will be placed in the sponsored content.

It is also necessary to find the best websites in which to leave the quality backlink, those that will provide the most value: related to your sector, which allow links to be made contextualized in some way with the website of our company, which are sites with great authority …

Another key on how to love Google is to look at web pages that have a lot of content when creating the backlinks, which will bring more value to our link, since they will be considered “valuable” by search engines. The extension of the texts is also a factor that must be taken into account, being the recommended between 500 and 800 words, as well as its correct and natural wording, without being oriented solely to benefit -supposedly- the SEO by repeating nonsense keywords.

But above all, keep in mind that Google – and other search engines – are not “dumb” or easy to cheat. Any linkbuilding practice should be carried out naturally. For example, it does not make sense to buy a large amount of sponsored content and achieve 10 quality links one month, 10,000 the next and return to 10 the next month because you have stopped investing in quality linkbuilding. The search engine would realize that there has been a non-natural practice and would penalize the positioning.

Other best practices are to use the images properly and complete information such as alternative text, to also achieve positioning thanks to them.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop a strategy to purchase quality backlinks in a natural way, focusing on the value that links can provide but without carrying out abusive practices. Having the guidance of professional platforms that help us to contact the best websites is essential to improve the positioning of our website.