Ranking of Backlinks from all Over the Internet

Backlinks or inbound links are an important indicator of the relevance of a web page, as well as an important engine within the SEO positioning strategy. We review which are the leaders that receive a greater amount of these links.

Within SEO Off Page, inbound links or backlinks are the main indicator of relevance. Therefore, every web dreams of having as many as possible and thus improve their SEO. Thus, the linkbuilding technique aims precisely to optimize the positioning through backlinks obtained from other pages.

Google grants in relation to the number of incoming links that a website has a rating from 0 to 10 known as PageRank, also determined by other factors such as the anchor text of the link, the type of link, whether it is follow or not, mentions to brand or the links generated through social networks. And what are the websites in the world that receive the most backlinks? We will discover it in this precise article thanks to an infographic of Statista.

As you might suspect, the big websites managed by the American technological giants are those that can boast a higher number of backlinks nowadays, with the Google search engine at the top of the ranking, adding 486,000 reference links. In the list of the ten pages with the largest number of links around the world, social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram also stand out, up to six positions out of the top ten in the ranking, according to the Majestic database. 

If you want to perfect your linkbuilding strategy, some of the guidelines you can follow are to create more valuable content, ask for feedback from products and services to specialized bloggers, improve the monitoring and web analytics of your page, discover and alert about broken links to your web, create alerts with specialized tools for your brand and URL or contact with influencers in the sector to create reports or interviews about your project.