How to Earn Money by Offering Free Services

Since they were born in 2014, Ydray has been growing. At the time, they posited as an innovative online file transfer manager with obvious competitive advantages. Among others, they spoke of greater capacity, with 5GB, for the free delivery of heavy files and, on the other hand, they pointed out the legal trust of the users, since one of their obsessions was always to comply as much as possible with the Organic Law of Data Protection, the old LOPD.

This is how Ydray was gaining positions in the market ladder until today, with 50,000 unique users per day of which, 60%, correspond to companies. We are talking about users, not customers, that the conversion rate is reserved for them. The visits come, 50%, from Spain, while the remaining half are distributed between Europe and Latin America, mostly, because they receive visits from more than a hundred countries.

However, instead of being pleased to see how the score went up in number, Ydray’s team has continued to evolve product throughout these years. The main effort has been aimed at the professionals and organizations for whom they launched the Pro and Business plans, respectively.

However, more than a year and a half ago, the team put its engineering talent to work again, at the service of the free offer. The result is the improved version and, in his opinion, “much more powerful”, that they have presented to the market a few days ago and with which they claim to distance themselves from the competition, at least as regards the free service.


According to the information provided, the new Ydray allows: sending up to 20 files and up to 5 Gb in size by generating links and without having to register on the platform; the option to delete said files within a period of between 1 and 10 days; the possibility of assigning a password to protect the sending and receiving of each file, thus guaranteeing the privacy and security of the transfer; the possibility of sharing these files through corporate email and social networks. They are also adapted to comply with the new European Data Protection Regulation (RGPD).

Also, and as stated on its website, its servers are physically housed in Spain and France, “not making any international transfer of data outside the European economic framework.”

As for what they pursue with this renewed service, the Ydray team, rather than figures, prefers to speak of becoming the “national reference” platform in this segment on a global scale. That is, when someone hears Ydray, is able to relate the mention with the Spanish solution for the transfer of computer files.