Tips that Will Help you Sell on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin

Or how to take advantage of the changes that each network has introduced to close the sale process.


Instagram, the fashion network is a mine to sell

Instagram only shares 10% of what we publish; or in other words, your content does not reach all your followers, but those that the network decides. And that percentage goes up or down slightly depending on the relevance of your account and the interactions you receive. How to achieve notoriety in this network?


They are videos of 15 seconds that disappear at 24 hours. Here you can work on organic positioning or publish sponsored stories. The important thing is that they are natural, humorous and fresh messages, even if they do not have great quality. Use them “to promote your products, to give a more personal vision of the company, to broadcast live events, for short tutorials, contests or refer to your online store: 59% of the stories are derived to an ecommerce”, explains Phil González , creator of Instagramers, the largest Instagram fan community in the world. In short, on Instagram you can redirect your potential customers to your online commerce from your profile and from the stories, with a link to a specific product or your business.


Instagram is a network of photos and they work better than the long videos of the IGTV format. “Then, you have to understand what your client wants to see. Put yourself in his skin. For example, if you sell handbags, do not limit yourself to putting static photos of your bags. Show them with people taking them, transmit a lifestyle. People want to see how those products are used, “warns Santiago Martín, founder of B business gram.


The hashtags or tags were born on Twitter and have become fundamental also on Pinterest and especially on Instagram, the network where more tags are put per publication. And curiously, what seems to be the network’s stamp, penalizes. “Since February 2018, Instagram changed its algorithm and penalized the massive use of hashtags. The recommendation is to use a maximum of 5 because if you put more Instagram consider that you are spamming and lower that 10% of people who teach your publication. I’ve done tests and with a single hashtag and the same photo, I’ve got many more likes, “says Santiago Martín. And he adds: “Another thing. Do not repeat the hashtags. That also penalizes. Find a pack of ten or fifteen that work well and go combining them, “he continues.

Hashtags are key to finding you and selling. Many Instagram users search for products and services through network tags. That is why it is so important to create good labels. In this sense, Phil González, recalls that “geotags like #Madrid have 18% more visibility”. But the hashtags of causes also work very well. “We have created #mylastplasticbottle to create a community that is not directly associated with our brand. And we have realized that people share more when it is a cause than when it is a contest, as they all do, “says Mireia Valldecabres.

Facebook, a giant that will give you great results

It is the mother of all networks and many rumors that run among the general public about what is a network for mature, the reality is that marketing departments and SMEs are clear that it is worth having it because you get great results . It is true that young people now spend more time on Instagram, but Facebook continues to have an extraordinary reach in all ages. And according to a Hootsuite study, children under 25 represent 35% of the audience. More reasons to be there. Being the owner of Instagram, Facebook is the main base for digital ads on Instagram. From here you segment the public of the two networks (you can send advertising to Instagram without having an account in that network) and the shops of the two platforms are designed.

Another factor to take into account is the famous algorithm that brings heads-up equally to marketing managers and founders of SMEs. The example of what has happened to Closca Design may be the best way to illustrate the tsunami caused by changes in many brands. “Facebook was for us our most important means of promotion but now we try not to be the only one. We have expanded to Instagram because suddenly there is an algorithm change as it has happened and you are limping. Now we use both of them and the result is that 60% of the audience that now comes to ecommerce comes from Instagram “, explains Mireia Valldecabres.

What messages work improve in this network?

Leisure, entertainment, information, promotions, games, contests… everything that can encourage its users to share with their friends: it is still a network to interact with acquaintances.


If you invest in advertising, it is key that you target who you are targeting. Do not limit yourself to the basic segmentation by demographic data and tastes, you can do retargeting and other actions with customers who have already visited your website or have been interested in a product or look for similar customers to yours choosing the coincidences in a scale of zero to ten.

Twitter, the best network to test products

It has changed a lot in the last two years to facilitate its use. For example, going from 140 to 280 characters to make the conversation more fluid or including photos and videos. “But we also have small tools that have been emerging in the past two years and that facilitate that work, such as surveys or moments: collections of tweets about a current topic that can be used by company accounts to create a story about their own company or show a product gallery “, explains Marisa Rodríguez Abarrio, agency director of Twitter Spain.


“Twitter is what is happening in the world, it is an influence engine and there you have the most influential and most restless users. They are the ones who want to be the first to know everything, those who go to Twitter to know the latest on any topic that is happening in the world and this allows you to access a discovery space with very receptive users and very willing to help also . It is a very valuable source of information because it is real time and no matter how small your activity niche, or how big, you will always have relevant information, expert information. Having a presence on the platform, actively participating, having an active listening, is something very valuable for anyone at a professional level. And in niches of products or companies more disruptive, Twitter offers a type of audience interested in discovering trends, which are influential in their environments, etc. These people when you invite them to understand your business model, why you want to do something different, will talk to you. And then he will tell it to his surroundings.”

Explains Marisa Rodríguez Abarrio.


Unlike Facebook, it is not a platform that SMEs are betting on when advertising. It is a network in which it is best to work more with the presence in an organic way. “Before considering a payment presence, which you can also have very easily, enter, listen actively and use it both to publicize your product and to hear what is said about your sector, about your market, etc. . “, Recommends Marisa Rodríguez.

“For advertising, we always put a lot of focus on the video. It is the most effective format, the one that generates the greatest brand recall and the greatest purchase intention. Now, if your goal is to gain followers, promote an account. If you want to bring traffic to your website, the format is webside cards; Pay per click to the landing. Are you promoting an App? You can pay for each application download. There are many formats according to the objectives.”


Twitter is the network that most lends itself to conversation, even among strangers. That makes it the network par excellence to set up a customer service. Due to its immediacy, it is usually the preferred one for users to express complaints in public. A golden opportunity to convert those angry customers into loyal customers. Well-attended complaints always turn into great opportunities for brands.

Pinterest, a large bank of products to inspire

It is also a platform based on image, with a mainly young audience (between 25 and 44 years old) and with a greater presence of women (they represent 60%). As for its use, it is very different from the rest: users are dedicated to collecting and sharing photos of things that interest them around boards that organize by subject. “Pinterest is like a bank of ideas, a bank of images of our products, but also what makes us fall in love when creating the products we create: the architecture that we like, the designers who inspire us, the products of others who They inspire us … But here there is less conversation with the client. It is more one-sided, “says Mireia Valldecabres.


Although it is less participatory, it is a very interesting network to sell. Not only because it has 250 million users, but also because of the facilities available to create an online store (with a link from the profile itself) or sell a product with a direct link from one of the published pins.

It is updated alone and it allows you to access hundreds of quality and segmented contacts. It is also a good advertising platform for businesses and to humanize brands. “It helps us get closer to the professional public, give more prominence to the team, tell startups about the evolutions …”, says Valldecabres. With the latest changes, moreover, it has become more participatory – there are more people sharing content as experts and more valuations about them. And it’s more open: its contents can now also be published outside the network.


It is not a platform to sell to the end customer but well used helps you expand your community. For example, looking for partnerships, brands with the same values with which to close commercial agreements to reach your audience and share yours.