5 Ideas to Create a Digital Business

If you have digital skills and want to get extra money, maybe these ideas will help you take action.


Thanks to technology and having the right tools, it is now possible to do business from anywhere in the world. The so-called “digital nomads” are taking advantage of the trend of remote work to meet the new needs of companies. But also of a growing number of consumers, who have found on the Internet their main source of information, products and services.

These modern entrepreneurs only need a laptop, a Smartphone and a good Internet connection to set up their office. But also some essential skills: discipline, self-management and the ability to stay in constant contact with your customers and your market, to capture new needs and improve your value proposition.

If your dream is to become a digital nomad, or at least spend more time outside the city where you live, these are some lucrative opportunities and that will continue to be a trend in 2019. Do not let them pass!

1. Professional services

Companies are more willing than ever to hire third-party services in fields such as accounting, graphic design, sales management and programming. Of course, in these cases it is necessary to have personal contact with the client every certain period of time, or even to have the support of a collaborator who regularly visits the company that hired you while you are traveling.

2. Online classes

Due to the greater workload and traffic problems in large cities, today there are more and more people who choose to hire language classes, music or school support for their children through the Internet. To develop the programs, you can support yourself on interactive communication platforms such as Skype or Zoom.

3. Digital marketing management

In this market the opportunity is in medium and small companies, whose owners and managers are still quite disoriented in terms of how to deal with the challenges of communication with their audiences on the Internet. Among other services, you can develop corporate strategies, manage social networks and generate content.

4. Online workshops

Unlike one-to-one classes, in this case you can develop content that can be accessed at any time, in exchange for payment of that specific training or a membership. Keep in mind that today the offer on the Internet is too broad, so it is important that you can offer unique content and value to your audience. You can build your own platform, or also apply for your services in sites such as Coursera or Udemy.

5. Publication of e-books

If you are an expert in any field, or think you have an important message to communicate to the world, you can write a book or guide and publish it for free on Amazon’s Kindle direct publishing platform. Once you understand the mechanism of virtual publication and how to promote the works online, you can offer this service to third parties.