What to Expect From CES 2019?

The CES (Consumers Electronics Show) of 2019 will take place in Las Vegas from Tuesday, January 8 to Friday, January 11.

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The CES (Consumers Electronics Show) of 2019 will take place in Las Vegas from Tuesday, January 8 to Friday, January 11. This fair is one of the largest in the world in terms of technological developments, and has been taking place since 1967, being orchestrated by the Consumer Technology Association, which represents more than 2,000 technology companies.

“CES 2019 will take place in Las Vegas on January 8 and will show the products that will mark the technological path during the next year.”

Despite being one of the largest concentrations of this type, it is not open to the general public, and only representatives of technology companies and journalists can go to it. But what to expect from CES this year? In addition to the absence of Apple, already traditional in the event, a large deployment of new technology.

Virtual reality, augmented reality, voice control, Internet of Things, smart appliances … any technological category will be represented, but undoubtedly, some trends will dominate the fair. This is the case of voice control. The proliferation of devices such as Facebook Portal, Google Home Assistant, and Amazon Echo have set a precedent.

It is certain that at the CES new intelligent speakers will be shown, most likely with integrated screens. In fact, voice control is expected in new types of devices, such as sound bars and even televisions that can be controlled with voice commands.

The folding screens (already announced this year by Samsung) will be another of the strong points of the fair. And not only on mobile phones. It is expected that this new type of screens will appear on laptops, so that OLED screens can be extended to the usual size or reduced to the size of a book.

The charging systems without cables (and not only by induction) will also have a prominent place in the CES of 2019. Companies like AirCharge will present their latest developments in charge of batteries without cables.

Companies like Intel and AMD will show their new processors, which are increasingly closer to the physical limit. Nvidia, on the other hand, will present its new generation of graphic cards with RTX technology, which makes it possible to represent light in an extremely realistic way.

In any case, the techies should be attentive to CES 2019, since on January 8 they have an appointment with the technology that will dominate the market in 2019.