5 New Professions that have Been Created for Blockchain

Blockchain technology, also known as chain blocks, is growing every day and with it the market that surrounds it.

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Blockchain technology, also known as chain blocks, is growing every day and with it the market that surrounds it. Hence, new professions that have been created to implement block chains in different sectors have emerged.

The blockchain or blockchain technology can be used in all kinds of industries, but it needs qualified people to put this technology in motion. Hence, new professions created in the field of the blockchain have emerged and are unknown to the markets until now.

Having blockchain skills is a very important point to find work, since the jobs related to this technology have grown considerably in the last five years. According to a recent LinkedIn study, the demand for blockchain-related positions has been increased 33 times, surpassing the demand in relation to Artificial Intelligence and even with machine learning.

These are the 5 new professions that have been created in the field of blockchain:

  • Developer of blockchain (software development company): This position refers to “responsible for the design, implementation and support of a distributed network based on blockchain through several stages of development and production. Analyze the requirements, design blockchain technology around a specific business model, investigate new technical solutions and protocols, create and automate blockchain development workflows, implement evidence-based development practices, and create and launch a network of blockchain “, as demanded on LinkedIn and other platforms in relation to the positions that receive this name.
  • Blockchain engineer (finance services platform): “Work on the creation of the underlying blockchain infrastructure, as well as on implementations and final products on that infrastructure. Develop around the meta-transaction infrastructure through mobile applications. Develop around document signing frameworks and associated infrastructure “, is the demand they make on the main websites to look for work.
  • Blockchain platform engineer in health technology companies: According to the different platforms in which these professionals are required, a blockchain platform engineer in health technology companies must “provide experience and development support to the initiatives of blockchain throughout the company. Develop the experience in the field in blockchain network platforms, architectures and administrative or operational requirements. Design and create a blockchain functionality, that is, infrastructure networks, consensus algorithms, smart contracts, identity authorities “.
  • Architect or director of blockchain protocol: To work in this position you must “build a blockchain identity and a credit score system to improve financial security. Build a global multi-tenant platform that includes scales around the world. Partner with other distributed ‘systems engineers’ to develop a highly scalable cloud-based system. Bring innovative leadership around blockchain throughout the organization and externally to continue to develop our engineering brand. “
  • Software Engineer: The software engineer is a technology provider, who must create networks as “a chain of food quality tracking blocks, which is used to record and validate claims about the quality of production, the packaging, transport and final use of food. Create a new generation of high-performance block chains focused on intelligent optimization and contract execution. Develop a crowdfunding blockchain.”

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