What is a Hype Day in SEO?

The days with high search records on a specific topic have determined the success of the actions carried out by the marketers.

“SEO has become one of the best marketing strategies and build actions around this action, has determined winning patterns that better understand the digital interaction.”

One page content, keyword research and link building were considered the most effective tactics in SEO, according to Ascend2 and Research Partners.

SEO hypes occur on specific dates when a large number of users are searching for specific information.

These peaks that represent high numbers in visits to sites that offer information on a specific topic, are part of trends and moments that mark the importance of the media and the integration they have in the rest of the digital ecosystem.

This happens with cases such as the Christmas Lottery that is celebrated in Spain and that becomes one of the most popular events throughout the year within that country, for the attention that concentrates of the audiences.

“Betting on these trends represents spikes in visits within websites that develop SEO strategies that revolve around these work guidelines.”

Searches through Google and other engines delineated a discipline in digital marketing, with marketers trying to take advantage of these resources on a permanent basis. In this way, it seems that a greater impact is achieved on the users that make use of these platforms.

Think of what happens with actions such as the figures projected by Ascend2 and Research Partners, after they warned that the most effective SEO tactics during 2017 were the on-page content, keyword research and link building; while the less popular ones were offpage content, social media sharing and meta data.