5 Tips for your Investment in Influencer Marketing

The influencer marketing is a very useful tool for companies regardless of their size. It is ideal to increase the reach of your brand, get more potential customers as well as increase your sales.


What do you and do not need for a good strategy with influencers?

Undoubtedly, the influencer marketing is a very useful tool for companies regardless of their size. It is ideal to increase the reach of your brand, get more potential customers as well as increase your sales.

According to Marketing Insider Group, just like any other tool, if done incorrectly, this marketing strategy can become a waste of money or even damage your business. If you plan to use marketing influencer, we present you with five tips that will help you make sure you are making the most out of it.

1. Choose the right influencer

The influencer in social networks is becoming a popular as well as competitive profession, so you should make sure to choose the right option that fits your needs. It is not advisable to choose an influencer that does not correlate with your product.

However, it does not mean that you need to have a perfect match; If you sell men’s toiletries, you can approach a variety of influential people, from the lifestyle of men as well as fashion influencers or those who focus on manly hobbies such as carpentry or automobiles.

Not only is it the influential person you need to analyze, but you must also take demographic data into account to be sure that your audience is connected to your target market. An influencer could have gained a follow up by doing something that matches your product, but that audience is not interested in your product.

2. Start with little, measure results and grow

Marketing Insider Group indicates that the first time you are immersed in the marketing of influencers, you will not really know what types of results you will get. Before hiring a great influencer, someone with a celebrity status, you need to have landed on what you’re getting into.

Find a personality with high reputation could generate too much demand to keep up with what would lead to a great mess for your business. It’s best to start with smaller influential people so you can get an idea of ​​the overall results of each campaign you do.

Track your campaigns, analyze the results and try again. You should experiment with what works best when working with smaller influencers.

3. Make content worthy of being viral

Influential people in social networks have a unique opportunity when they publish. If you create special enough, the publication may go viral. The fact that you are paying for the publication does not mean that you should not have the opportunity to go viral.

Work with the influencer to make it fun, entertaining and unique, but highlight your product. Even when you work with a smaller influencer and a small budget, do your best to make a video of excellent quality.

Concentrate on a good edition, excellent lighting as well as natural talents of your influence to make an incredible video.

4. Tracking the work of the influencer

If you spend a lot of money on an influence and you get a big benefit, do not let that momentum run out. Have a plan to keep pushing to make the most of your new business.

This could include more influencer publications, landing pages specifically designed to work with influential followers, and work on transforming unique buyers into lifelong customers. Influencers are excellent not only to attract new customers, but also to improve brand loyalty among new customers.

If you get a large influx of new customers, be sure to include them in any email lists or workflows you have to attract customers to your business.

5. Avoid negative feelings

Every time an influencer of social networks is paid to promote a product, you have to reveal that it is an advertisement. Most do it including a #ad at the end of the publication or as part of a video to disclose it.

However, many followers have negative reactions to seeing paid publications. Some will call the influencer a sell-out, while others will purposely ignore the publication and, if a large crowd dislikes publication, you can cause real damage to your brand.

The best way to avoid these negative feelings is to make sure that the publication, the video or the format you choose to match what the influencer normally does. The ideal situation is that followers would never know it was a sponsored publication on the #ad tag. They need to feel that the influencer really recommends the producer, not just do it for money.

To do this, give the influencer a lot of creative control in the publication; of suggestions, provides feedback and communicates your objectives, also allows the influencer to do what he / she does best.