8 Trends in Social Media for 2019

More and more companies are aware of the value that social networks give to the image of the brand and the connection with their customers. The time in which to use social networks to promote a business was an experiment left behind and nowadays using these communication channels is more a requirement than an option.

With the new updates and the rapid changes that social networks suffer it is difficult to make a guide for any company, however, these are some of the main trends that will have to pay attention to the owners of companies that want to succeed in 2019.

  • Humanize the content: That social networks appear responsible for the company brings confidence to the consumer and encourages interaction with the brand. By humanizing the image of the company, customers feel more secure when establishing a business relationship. In fact, it is increasingly common to see how companies conduct interviews with their managers and distribute them over their networks.

On the other hand, show customers how the day to day of the company can be a valuable weapon to conquer new markets. Thanks to the Stories and the videos, you can show how the packaging process is carried out, how a birthday is celebrated among colleagues or give clues about new product launches.

  • Personalization of the product: it does not matter if a company sells articles or services, the important thing is that it adapts to the needs of the client. Thanks to the analysis tools that allow controlling the activity of corporate social networks and how customers use them, it is easier to make special offers for each target.

Crossing the data of the target audience and the use of social networks can create a campaign aimed at customers who use Instagram, another for Facebook and another for those who know the company through YouTube.

  • Invest, even if little: the scope of companies through organic searches, those that appear naturally when writing a few words, is increasingly limited. In 2018 only 6% of the followers of a company saw their updates on Facebook through this type of searches.

Therefore it is necessary to establish a budget, however small, to invest in social media ads and sponsored publications that increase the chances of appearing in the searches of customers. It is the only way to beat the algorithm.

  • Videos help the business: according to a study by the company Wyzowl, 76% of the professionals dedicated to marketing admits that the making of videos has helped their businesses to attract more traffic. This fact constitutes a global trend and many sales businesses make explanatory tutorials or videos showing the characteristics of their products on YouTube. In fact, the toy industry is deriving much of the advertising that it previously promoted through television to the video platform to multiply the reach of its articles.
  • The ephemeral videos conquer markets: the popularity of content in Story format on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram has made both platforms and advertisers look at these ephemeral videos.

Instagram has enabled different ways to make purchases in the Stories and Facebook allows you to attach links in these videos to redirect the consumer to a sales web page. In fact, studies have been conducted to improve the impact of these Stories on Instagram followers.

  • The future of live broadcasts: these contents will continue to rise rapidly in a multitude of areas, so from the business point of view we will have to look at the public to make a suitable campaign or use the direct ones as a method of reward. For example, thanks to Facebook Live, you can make live videos especially dedicated to a group of premium customers or make a round of consumer consultations, so you will get a greater commitment to the brand.
  • Transparency: the latest data breach controversies that have suffered different companies, such as the Facebook scandal with Cambridge Analytica or the multimillion-dollar fine imposed on Yahoo! for their failures in security matters, they have alerted the clients of the companies about the use of their data. Clearly detail the purposes for which a company collects data and distribute through social networks regular reports on how they have been used to provide confidence among consumers who will know from the beginning why they are filling out a form.
  • The longer the better for SEO: Google values ‚Äč‚Äčlonger content for positioning, so more and more companiesThus, in 2019, they will publish contents of more than 1,000 words in their corporate blogs. In addition, these contents that contribute value generate more interaction in social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn when they are shared.