10 Best Spanish Wines of 2018

20 Spanish wines can boast of having obtained the highest possible score (99/100) in the Gourmets 2019 wine guide. These wines, cavas and ‘sherrys’ stand out among the best of the best… With the permission of the Peñín Guide or the Parker List, of course.

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20 Spanish wines can boast of having obtained the highest possible score (99/100) in the Gourmets 2019 wine guide. These wines, cavas and ‘sherrys’ stand out among the best of the best… With the permission of the Peñín Guide or the Parker List, of course.

Talking about which Spanish wine is better or worse with property is very difficult… So much so, that the best thing is to leave it to the real professionals. Thus, 2018 begins to come to an end and the wine guides begin to dictate judgment.

And one of the last to do so has been the Gourmet Guide 2019. A benchmark in the sector, with 34 editions already behind them, which has just published its list of the 20 best wines in Spain in 2018.

But not only are they the best, but they are special among the best. They form the 99 League: they have reached 99/100 points in their scale. The maximum within the maximum; since as they indicate from the Guide Gourmets “absolute perfection does not exist”…

Thus, after tasting blindly “more than 4,600 wines from October 2017 to September 2018, those who have transmitted something special, different; In short, an unusual harmony that makes them worthy of climbing to the top of the podium”, we summarize.

And the truth is that there are wines for all tastes, moments and companies: Amontillado, Pedro Ximénez, cavas… But, above all, reds. The DO Rioja wins with an overwhelming majority: 8 of its wines have deserved a gap in the list. Although not far away appears the DO Ribera del Duero with 5 representatives.

Without further delay, here are -in alphabetical order- the 10 best wines of Spain in 2018. Pure pleasure on your palate.

1. Petit Verdot 2015 (Abadía Retuerta) – € 120


«The Petit Verdot, the most exotic of the Bordeaux vines, is the basis of this original wine. Normally used in small proportions to add nerve to other varieties, Abadía Retuerta has harnessed the full potential of this grape to create a unique and very original monovarietal wine. The powerful sun of Castilla, a particular terroir with predominantly sandy soil and 24 months of resting in cask give it an exquisite character.»

2. Amontillado Napoleón (Bodegas Hidalgo-La Gitana) – € 60


«Generous Wine of D.O. Jerez-Xérés-Sherry, whose complex aging results in one of the best wines of the Marco. Its aging process includes an initial phase under a flower veil, followed by an oxidative aging phase. Amontillado Napoleón is made from grape must of the Palomino fino variety, carefully cultivated in white albariza soils, very precious to obtain very fine musts of great quality.»

3. Artadi El Carretil 2016 (Bodegas y Viñedos Artadi) – € 275


«Viña El Pisón produces a wine reflecting the know-how of our ancestors and the passion of those who want to keep alive the spirit of a vineyard.
A wine with subtle mineral characteristics, fine fruits, complex and delicate spicy sequences and tannins with enveloping and caressing volumes.
A wine of surprising energy and complexity. Natural elegance with deep and changing sensations.»

4. Benjamín Romeo Collection Nº1 (Bodega Contador) – € 182


"After a viticulture that has been based on respect for the land and tradition with minimal production, Collection Nº1 was born. The wine of the Nº1 Collection has the character of pure Tempranillo. With the contribution of the soil of gravels and a breeding to measure a wine with great tannic potential is achieved, and at the same time, for me, with its greater virtue: Volume.»

5. Cirsion 2016 (Bodegas Roda) – € 170


"In 1995 we discovered that some strains produced grapes whose taste was very different from that of the surrounding plants. They gave us a sense of fullness, of volume, with records closer to a wine than to a grape. Two years later, we developed our first Cirsion, which did not go on the market and we found that with a short aging, it reached an incredible level of silkiness and a fruit complexity out of the ordinary. Each vintage we go through the vineyards looking for this curious natural rarity and so, one in a thousand, the Cirsion grapes are collected.»

6. Clone of the Family 2011 (Bodegas Emilio Moro) – € 200


"With this wine the quality expectations of Bodegas Emilio Moro are fulfilled, besides serving as a tribute to" El Clon de Tinto Fino "of the Tempranillo variety, it is our greatest asset. The subsoil and microclimate of the plots of "Cornalvo, Camino Viejo and La Mira", representative of the three types of soils of the Ribera del Duero (clay, limestone and stony) and aging in exclusive barrels, which respect the aromas of fruit and the land from which it comes, results in a wine that for us is the expression of tradition, character and passion."

7. Clos Mogador 2016 (Clos Mogador) – € 60


«Grenache, Syrah, Cabernet, Cariñena, are transmuted between the oak staves, under the careful attention of René Barbier, the vine grower, to emerge, red with emotion, at the optimum moment of his maturity. An artisan elaboration gives light to a few bottles full of love and generosity, prepared according to the best traditions of the great crus. Uncork Clos Mogador, take your time, wait and let yourself be transported.»

8. Continuous Viña del Olivo 2016 (Viñedos del Contino) – € 60


«Manual selection of the best bunches of our plot of Olive (example close to 700 years of age) that were carefully harvested in boxes, fermented in French oak tubs of 100 Hl. at temperatures of 28º to 30ºC for 10 days, after another 10 days of maceration, the malolactic fermentation took place for 15 days in new French oak barrels and aging was maintained in these new oaks: French 70%, American 20%, and Hungarian 10%, for 18 months, with racking every 6 months and completing with a bottle reduction process until its release (not less than one year).»

9. Dalmau 2014 (Marqués de Murrieta) – € 52


«Dalmau is a wine of limited elaboration full of nuances and intensity that shows the most modern face of the winery. Its nose is complex, velvety, with an explosion of aromas of wild fruits, dark chocolate and mineral notes, elegantly combined with creamy toasted from its passage through the French oak. An elegant and unusual wine that impresses extraordinarily in all senses, with body and very harmonious. Of magnificent balance to make fluid a powerful wine."

10. Finca Dofí 2016 (Álvaro Palacios) – € 89


«Finca Dofí is the last link before reaching the grandeur of L'Ermita. With 95% Grenache, the grape queen of Álvaro Palacios, intoxicates with the purity of its aromas and seduces with its irresistible silkiness. The nose is all softness and elegance, and in the mouth it melts; It is dense, rich, concentrated and vital, but it flows in the mouth without a single edge. A wine that deserves a great Burgundian glass to enjoy all its charm and crispy freshness.»