Last year, Facebook launched subscription options to digital newspapers for Instant Articles. Instant Articles offers a series of tools to digital media, fully optimized for mobile, which allow articles to load faster or use functions such as 360-degree photos in texts, for example.

“Facebook’s digital press subscription system will soon receive an expansion in terms of tools and content.”

The idea is that with Instant Articles digital publishers could monetize their content better and connect better with their audience. In fact, according to Facebook, the Instant Articles content gets 20% more clicks and 30% more are shared.

Now, Facebook decides to expand once again the subscription program (already expanded last June) of Instant Articles to allow more publishers to publish paid content on Facebook.

In this way, the portals that make content for Instant Articles and work with this system of the social network will see how their contents are placed above the increasingly reduced organic reach of the social network.

In addition to adding more media, Instant Articles also includes other new features, such as reducing the time required to register, which will be easier and up to 75% less time consuming.

Finally, the social network has added a function called “Welcome Screen” that is aimed at getting users to follow the page in the middle of which they are reading an article.


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