12 Best Beers in the World (According to Experts)

These are the beer brands that lead the classification of the best in the world.

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The refreshment of joy, the joy of summer. These are some of the qualifiers that we hear the most when referring to beer. According to the experts and different contests of recognized prestige, every year the best beers in the world are voted. From Latin America, through Asia and especially Europe we find the most influential brands.

Currently, in addition to traditional beer and the consolidated variant “0.0” or “without alcohol”, there are also many combinations with other types of drinks-sodas and soft drinks in general-that allow beer to be enjoyed in another way. . In essence, we have analyzed different categories that are included in: blonde, dark beer, lager, flavored or sour, among others.

The most desired beers in the world

Year after year, the competitions of the best beer in the world take place all over the globe. The World Beer Cup and the World Beer Awards are the best standard to evaluate the best brands. The seriousness with which the manufacturers take it, as well as those who are going to judge the taste, is not trivial, since companies play billions in production and prestige. There are about two thousand brands that are presented and only a score enter the select club.

Below we will see a list of the 12 most desired beers according to experts.

1. Hirsch Hesse Weisse

How could it be otherwise, one of the German premium beers is the best choice in the world. Company was founded by Ludwig Aeble (Hirsch-Brauerei) in the year 1782 in the länder of Baden-Wurtenburg. Its success is based on tradition and craftsmanship in its preparation. His care and respect in the times has given his soul to the German brand.

The Hirsch Hesse Weisse is within the category of wheat beer.

2. Ulmer Pilsener from Bauhöfer

Another of the star products of the Oktoberfest country. According to the World Beer Cup, the famous Pilsener gets the second best position for its moderate alcohol content (5.5%) and its low fragmentation, as well as being considered the best lager beer with a low bitter taste. The judges consider it refreshing and suitable for any time and meal of the day.

3. Hideji Kuri Kuro

We moved to the other side of the globe, and landed in the Japanese country to find the surprise of this classification of the best beers in the world. Interestingly, it is a product designed for the western market, especially the US, combining the traditional recipe of the Japanese town of Kyshu. Sweet taste and 9% alcohol, is the most tasty according to experts.

4. Hook Norton Red Rye

It is another of the great delights of the brewing world, orginaria of the United Kingdom of mid-nineteenth century. Its flagship product “Red Rye” has been awarded as the best special beer in the world. Made with rye malt, 4.8% alcohol and mixed with different fruits, it is inside those sweet and fruity beers.

5. Cookie Muncher

The Novo Brazil brewing company has been standing out for a few years for its originality in the North American market. Located in the State of California, Novo Brazil is a national company with Brazilian flavor and touch, and this is how it has become the best strong dark and dark beer, having an alcohol content of 13% and a highly bitter taste.

6. “Where the Buffalo Roam”

This beer canned and named film, has been awarded as the best blonde beer in the world in 2017. Apart from the more than 170 international awards from around the world, this product of the Canadian company Cameron Howe was born in 1997 and has harvested numerous successes for its sweet and bitter taste at the same time.

7. Celtic Brunette

Specifically, we return to the Old Continent, to Italy. It is also one of the youngest brands in the spectrum, the Birra Morena company founded in the 80s and reinvented in the late nineties with tremendous worldwide success. Celtic Stout brunette has been the best in the stout category, with double malt and 6.8% alcohol.

8. Borg Brugg Hús

It’s another of the big surprises on the list. Icelandic company founded in the midst of the global economic crisis, is considered by many to be one of the best in Europe. Surtur 8.2 beer (for its production series) tastes like licorice, coffee and burnt sugar, and 15% alcohol, is the best beer matured in wooden barrels in the world.

9. Musta Lomittaja

Near the Icelandic orbit we find the company Ruosniemen Panimo, based in Espoo (Finland) and founded in 2011 by five engineering friends who never imagined being part of the select beer club. Musta Lomittaja is considered the best smoked beer, almost black beer and with 7% alcohol.

10. Little Bangin

It is another of the flags of the Irish company of craft beers Rye River Brewing constituted in the year 2013, but with a flavor and elaboration that go back to the epochs of the XVIII century. Its secret recipe is based on the hops it contains and the low alcohol content, less than 4%. This has led her to be considered the best IPA beer in the world.

11. High Counts Kölsch

Curious is the story of the founders of the company Mt. Begbie, a marriage with a technical profile: the husband is a nuclear physicist and the woman a biologist. They became known back in 1996 in full Olympics in the US, in Canada. And so, in 2017 it was considered the best Kölsch beer (hence its name) for respecting the German tradition in this type of beer.

12. Cisk

Let’s close this list of the best beers in the world with an old acquaintance: a Pilsner, from the Maltese company Cisk, founded, curiously shortly before the Great Depression of 1929. It is the best Czech-style blonde beer, pilsner style made with malt , Czech hops and 5.5% alcohol, which makes her a great companion during lunch and dinner.