5 Tips to Create Good Content on Facebook Live

Facebook Live, the audiovisual streaming service of the social network Facebook, is a great way to reach the public.

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Facebook Live, the audiovisual streaming service of the social network Facebook, is a great way to reach the public. Since it was launched in 2016, the number of users of this function has doubled every year, and already accumulates more than 100 million hours of viewing per day. In fact, Facebook Live’s audience interacts three times more with videos than users of other video platforms.

“Facebook Live is an excellent way to get known on the platform and increase interaction with users.”

Therefore, it is essential to create an attractive content for the audience. Below, we will look at five tips to make live Facebook videos as effective as possible.

  • Be clear in the description of the video: If users know what they are going to see, it is very likely that you will attract an audience that wants to see exactly what you are going to tell. Confusing titles or unclear descriptions can raise very little interest, so it makes clear what the video will be about.
  • Don’t be afraid to extend the direct ones: Facebook Live is not Instagram Stories. Take your time to tell what you need and to respond to user feedback. A video of a few minutes does not need to be broadcast live.
  • Try to connect, not sell: No user will see a long and live version of an advertisement of their own volition. Facebook is a social network, and the objective of the videos should be to make themselves known and connect with the audience. Answering questions or telling your story can be much more entertaining than offering a product.
  • Make videos with technical quality: It is not necessary to have a camera kit and professional micro, and you do not have to be a great master of cinematographic photography. But still, you have to meet a minimum.

Make sure that the camera has enough quality to offer a clear image and that the microphone captures the sound well. The audience does not want to have to fight to be able to understand the sound. Make sure you get right on the plane, not too close or too far, and of course without cutting what is being shown.

  • Use a good Internet connection: A slow connection will make the video not transmitted smoothly. Users will experience too many loading moments and that may be enough to close the streaming.

A fiber optic connection should suffice, but also affects the quality of the video. It is not the same 720p as a video in 4K. The higher the resolution, the better connection is necessary.