The Most downloaded Apps in the App Store in 2018

Like Google with its catalog available in Google Play Store, Apple has published the most successful applications of the year.

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Like Google with its catalog available in Google Play Store, Apple has published the most successful applications of the year. In addition to mentioning the most downloaded apps throughout 2018, from Apple have made a compilation of the fashions that have guided the consumption of users.

“The style of apps that have grown the most among user downloads have been those dedicated to personal care; fitness, nutrition, meditation…”

The apps that dominate the most downloaded lists are common to all users of a smartphone: YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger and Facebook are made with the top 5 of the favorite free applications. The next section, up to the top 10 include Bitmoji, Netflix, Google Maps, Gmail and Spotify. The list is closed by applications such as Amazon, Uber, WhasApp, TikTok in the fifteenth place and Twitter in the 20th position of the list.

However, they are free apps that virtually all users download when they get a new phone. The most striking is the position of Twitter, at the end of the list, and very far from other social networks.

The top 10 of paid apps, where there is a greater variety of new names, shows different trends.

In the first place we find Facetune, a photo retouching app focused on making users more beautiful with a series of facial touches.

The second place is occupied by Kirakira +, an app dedicated to taking pictures with a whole series of filters.

DarkSky Weather, a complete app dedicated to meteorological information occupies third place.

It is followed by HotSchedules, an app that allows us to organize our schedules with total precision, and even change shifts with other colleagues with the authorization of the bosses.

In the fifth place is PlantSnap Identification, an app owned by Snap Inc that allows you to identify plants by just focusing them with the phone’s camera.

In the sixth place is AutoSleep Tracker for Watch, an app that, in conjunction with Apple’s smartwatch, allows you to track sleep cycles.

SkyGuide, an app that presents a complete map of the night sky, is in seventh place. The eighth place corresponds to 1 Second Everyday: Video Diary, app that serves to take a daily video of our life. The list is closed by The Wonder Weeks, an app focused on the world of newborn babies with tips for parents, and Afterlight 2, a complete photo app.


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