Improvisation is the Company’s Worst Enemy in Social Networks

In addition to being aware of the effort involved in being present in social networks, companies that decide to “make the leap” to them must manage them assuming the responsibilities involved and acting in an organized manner, without leaving room for improvisation.

Improvisation is the main enemy of the company that launches into social networks, whatever their objective. Any action that takes place in the communities that we want to form, however small, must be based and respond to a defined intention, which will be measured and controlled. This is the only possible criterion for action if you want to be successful in social media, both personally and professionally.

“The good Community Manager always has a plan.”

In social networks we should not leave anything to chance. Neither something so banal – apparently, because it is really important – as the choice of the avatar or the profile picture of our account or the sending of a message (however much it is extremely simple and it takes only a few seconds to compose a content of less than 140 characters and press the “send” button on Twitter). Nothing should be done without responding to a strategy established and thought before even opening social profiles.

The person in charge of managing profiles on social networks (let’s call him community manager, community manager or whatever we want to call him) should never leave anything to chance.

He should never improvise and should always know how he will act, even when unforeseen events or crisis situations arise. “The community manager always has a good plan”, it is said, to which we can add: “and if he does not have it, he will know how to look for it”.

The worst thing you can do is stand still and not know how to react. If you have anticipated the situation in advance, you will have a defined action plan and be able to face any situation, however difficult it may be.