58% of Digital Marketing Professionals Are Not Happy with Their Salary

Digital marketing is one of the most buoyant sectors of the labor market.


Digital marketing is one of the most buoyant sectors of the labor market. In addition, it is one where more training is provided and also one of the most moving among companies. So much so, that 60% of digital marketing professionals are considering changing companies during the next year.

“16% of Community Managers consider starting on their own.”

A study conducted by IAB Spain shows that, in our country, nine out of 10 workers in this sector have a high level of education, which includes university and postgraduate studies. In spite of this, the salary and the internal formation, head the top 5 of the demands not satisfied for the professionals of the sector.

Of the 60% of professionals that consider changing companies, 32% would do it for another company, 10% plan to start and the remaining 20% ​​will value a more medium-term change. Those who most think about changing are the employees of companies specialized in marketing, advertising and digital communication, with 51.2%.

On the other hand, self-employed and freelancers have less intention of change, with 55.8% of them saying they prefer to stay in their current position, and also feel a greater attraction for entrepreneurship.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, it is the Community Managers who are most inclined towards this option within the scope of online marketing. In fact, according to the IAB report, 16% of the Community Managers are considering starting on their own.

Other interesting data on the labor market in the field of digital marketing show, for example, the demographic composition of the teams. For example, marketing departments are made up of a majority of female professionals, who make up 60% of the total. In addition, the majority (51%) are young people between 25 and 34 years old.

Among the most attractive competences for all these workers is the Digitial Strategy, which would be the favorite area of ​​43.5% of the respondents, and Web Analytics, which would be 36%. The most demanded competition would be Big Data, followed by Analytics, Programming and SEO.

The study concludes that more than half of the interviewees consider that they have possibilities of growth, in part thanks to the training received in the company.

However, as mentioned before, internal training is one of the highest indicators in the top of deficiencies. The salary would be the first of these demands, since 58% of respondents are not happy with their current salary or think it could be higher.