17% Fewer Accidents in Las Vegas Thanks to a Pilot Program Which Applies AI to Road Safety

An Israeli startup has created a technology that allows, by joining data from various sources (from the Waze app to traffic cameras), anticipate two hours to traffic accidents.

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A pilot program launched by the Israeli startup WayCare and several public agencies in the state of Nevada (USA) with the aim of applying artificial intelligence to road safety has helped, in this last year, to reduce by 17% the accidents on busy Interstate 15 as it passes through Las Vegas.

WayCare has created a homonymous system of traffic prevention that is able to forecast two hours in advance when a collision will occur, thanks to its ability to find interactions that sometimes go unnoticed by specialists.

This forecast is based on a set of data from various sources: traffic cameras, connected cars and traffic management centers, historical and meteorological data, and even (after reaching an agreement with Google at the beginning of the year) coming from the Waze application.

The data collected by WayCare, as well as the predictive analyzes performed based on them, have been providing authorities with the ability to take preventive measures in areas classified as “high risk”, in which 91% of drivers finished reducing its speed to less than 105 kilometers / hour.

A system that allows authorities to be proactive in preventing accidents

Those preventive measures consisted in that, during those times and places evaluated as vulnerable by the WayCare algorithm, the message panels of Interstate 15 recommended drivers to reduce speed, and the Highway Patrol reinforced their presence in the area.

Traffic agents already know that certain circumstances on the road can cause an accident, but as explained by Lt. Col. Daniel Slow, of the Nevada Highway Patrol, “traditionally, the application of the law has been based on anecdotal evidence to determine where to deploy the resources to respond to problems related to traffic. “

Slow welcomes the fact that the application of artificial intelligence allows the Patrol to be proactive in situations of vulnerability: “This means being able to deal much more quickly with the injured in accidents, in quickly recovering the normal flow of traffic and avoiding millions of people. of dollars in delays related to trade. “

Now, after the pilot program period in Las Vegas, WayCare aspires to implant its technology in other cities of the world; and they are convinced that the greater the number of autonomous / connected vehicles on the roads, the greater the flow of data and the greater their capacity to anticipate traffic problems (and to reduce, in this way, the numbers of victims in road).


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