Twitter Redesigns Sizes in the iOS App

Twitter has carried out a redesign of the platform in the iOS application.

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Twitter has carried out a redesign of the platform in the iOS application. From now on, the tracking figures, birthdays, locations, dates of entry on Twitter, reciprocal tracking and figures of profiles followed will be seen in a smaller one.

“The platform wants to change the priorities of users on Twitter and not encourage contentious content.”

This change in the appearance of the social network obeys to the will of the company to reduce the importance that users give, for example, to the number of followers they have. In the image you can see the reduction in size.

A few days ago, the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, said that at the beginning of the journey of Twitter, the question of the size of the typography was addressed without a sufficiently complete analysis. This little forecast has led to excessive concern of users to see how that larger number grew as new followers were harvested.

According to Dorsey, users prioritizing the number of followers is an incentive to publish controversial content. A plague that Twitter has been fighting for some time, even more after some incidents that have occurred in the United States, such as the wave of anti-Semitism that is filling social networks.

The head of the company explained that the functioning of Twitter was going to change. Now the priority in the social network does not correspond to the number of followers, but to the productive conversations that are maintained on Twitter. At least in his opinion.

This is the second change that has taken place after the creation of a new section, the newly released “Sections”, a new way of viewing the most relevant content for the user that is currently only available on iOS.

In addition, there is speculation that in the future a button will be installed to edit the tweets already published, a demand that users long for.