SEO Factors for 2019

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to a series of actions that are carried out on a website to try to achieve a better positioning in the search engines which today is oriented, mainly, towards Google since it is the most used search engine. Luckily for those who have set this goal that, basically must be one of the main in all business because this increases the visibility of the company and, therefore, the options to achieve greater benefits there are companies specialized in this field as is the case of well-known kdosd, an SEO agency in Barcelona capital.

As it happens every year, it’s time for the big question: what will be the next Google update? Because, depending on this, some measures or others must be applied. In this case, and with a view to 2019, what resonates most strongly are voice searches. First, because most of these are made through the mobile phone and secondly because this modality, especially when walking or in a hurry, turns out to be much more comfortable and this is the reason why there has been a significant increase in the same. There are already Artificial Intelligence (AI) agents that help us with this task, like the famous Siri but now it will be more a question of each web to prepare for this area in such a way that the spiders of Google give them in the first place.

However, the work of webmasters in relation to voice searches does not seem simple but there is no doubt that it will be a highly appreciated investment in the medium and long term. The aim will be to create technical bases for voice searches to opt for these data and, of course, to ensure that the content available is legible, clear, responds to the main questions and has the most used keywords.

But, in addition to Google updates (as might be the case), what other factors will influence the positioning for 2019?

  • Intentionality of search. Google is no longer just based on keywords. In fact, over the years what he has been doing is offering results much more tuned to what the user may require, although in the search only this is appreciated by the change of a single word. Let’s say that people who use a search engine can be found at different times of the purchase process (at the beginning where there are doubts about what they need, where they want to compare or at the end where they only want to find the best price, for example) Google has known to differentiate each moment and offer a more accurate listing. For this reason, it will no longer be only a question of having keywords as before, it will be necessary to take into account the phases in which the user can be and, therefore, with what intention he / she does each one of his / her searches.
  • Update regular content. Google has always liked that the content of the websites is updated as a way of knowing that attention is still being paid to that page and that it continues to grow and expand content. Not all webs change periodically so something that is usually very useful is to have a blog that contains related information of interest to the reader where, of course, the most searched keywords or doubts will be included.
  • Geolocation. Because although the Network does not understand limits users who require a good or service in a physical way, yes and it is always good to include this information in case it could be relevant and key to the user.
  • Experience of user. The time a person spends on a website, how friendly it is to move from one information to another or in the purchase process will be only some of the points that search engines will continue to take into account.
  • Mobiles. As already mentioned, mobile devices have been gaining more prominence over time and that is why browsing them must be affordable, with a minimum waiting time and, of course, with a web that has responsive design so that the information always appears clear to the user.
  • Audiovisual content. We must not lose sight of the fact that search engines track through text content but videos are going to become the real protagonists. Although there are many studies on this subject, it seems that this upward trend is unstoppable and that in about 3 years these are the ones, with about 80%, manage to monopolize the Internet traffic. The less, you have to pay attention and give them importance.