The Bitcoin Scam on Twitter is the Fault of an External Application

A scam related to Bitcoin has been installed on Twitter reaching epidemic proportions in recent days.

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A scam related to Bitcoin has been installed on Twitter reaching epidemic proportions in recent days. Somehow, various profiles of companies and personalities have been attacked and have tweeted an image that asks users to enter a small amount of Bitcoin in exchange for a much higher return. A few days ago, even the Google G Suite Twitter account fell prey to this attack.

“A marketing app has been used as a springboard to publish malicious links from Twitter accounts of companies and famous people.”

Now, from Twitter have reported that the origin of this attack is not in your system, and that the accounts that have been victims have been hacked through a third party application. The app, which has not been named, has been described as a “marketing solution”, which has been used by criminals to publish deceptive links from verified accounts.

At the beginning, when the Target sales company (with more than two million followers) suffered the attack, it was assumed that the criminals accessed the account to publish the links of the scam. But this version was soon refuted, and it has been asserted that the criminals have never accessed the affected accounts directly.

Instead, the target of the attack was the aforementioned marketing app, which had permissions to publish in the affected accounts. That an app outside Twitter has been the origin of the attack explains why they have been able to access so many important targets in such an organized way.

At the moment the number of those affected who could have been victims of the scam is unknown. Until now, politicians, companies and other verified accounts (such as Elon Musk) have published the same malicious links produced by the attackers.


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