How and Why to do an Organizational Climate Survey?

The organizational climate survey is a strategic management tool that plays an important role in the success of the organization.

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The organizational climate survey is a strategic management tool that plays an important role in the success of the organization. Finally, it is from there that the company performs an analysis of the commitment and satisfaction of employees, which is essential for the enterprise to grow.

This instrument cannot be lacking in the activities of the human resources sector of the company.

The importance of the organizational climate survey

The organizational climate survey is essential for managers to know the level of employee satisfaction with respect to working conditions, the relationship with colleagues and the management of the company, for example.

Conducting this survey, the organization focuses on people creating measures to improve productivity and mood among employees. In his book Organizational climate, Elen Gongora Moreira, states that organizations that know these factors in detail have a competitive differential.

According to the author, they acquire elements to make consistent decisions about “their internal and external activities; the satisfaction of its collaborators; the processes, the organization of the tasks; its results and positioning in the market “. All this is essential for the organization to be effective and successful.

Three advantages of the organizational climate survey

1. Team growth

With the survey, you contribute to the development of your company’s team. With this, it will be possible to identify problems that lead to poor performance of the collaborators and it is easier to take measures to reverse that scenario.

In addition, the manager is able to assess if there are training and training needs of employees. Remember: a team with skills and qualifications contributes to the growth of the business.

2. Management development

From the evaluation of the results of the survey, it is possible to identify problems that can be solved with changes of management attitude. At that time, managers should analyze opportunities to develop leadership in the group of professionals and the entire team of managers.

3. Improvements in communication

The organizational climate survey is an instrument to improve communication between leaders and employees of the company, as it creates a conversation channel between them. With this tool, the employees make clear their perceptions about the work, while the managers receive the feedback.

Step by step of the organizational climate survey

Observe some essential stages of an organizational climate survey.

  1. Definition of the objective: identifies what the objective of the survey is, what topics will be addressed and what will be carried out based on the results.
  2. Methodology: define the questions of the survey, the type of questionnaire (open response, multiple-choice), the application tool and the execution time. It was time to reflect on the method of work.
  3. Communication: informs employees about the application of the survey and its objectives, and also guarantees the reservation of the data collected.
  4. Execution: apply the survey to employees.
  5. Data analysis: compile the data you obtained with the questionnaires as quickly as possible and organize them so that you visualize them together. The ideal is to compare them with the previous results.
  6. Report: Organizes the data in a report to have a record of the information.
  7. Disclosure: communicates the results of the survey to the collaborators. Do not forget that they are involved in the process and should have that knowledge.
  8. Action plan: after conducting the survey, it is time to plan the measures to make the necessary improvements. Communicates the planned actions to the employees.

Now that you know more about the organizational climate survey, how about applying this tool in your company? In this way, your business will grow with a more motivated and satisfied team.

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