Google Launches Google Discover, Remodeling its News Feed

Google has launched the refurbishment of its news feed.

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Google has launched the refurbishment of its news feed. As announced last past September, Google Discover, name with which it is renamed to the service previously called Google Now, is one of the main novelties with which the company celebrates its 20 years of existence.

With this change, which is beginning to be implemented in mobile devices, the technological giant aims to give another air to the design of the search engine. The update brings a more attractive touch to the narrow way in which Google presented its search bar. What does it consist of?

“Informative Cards will appear below the Google search bar and will be based on our preferences.”

From now on, the Google news recommendation system will display the content below the search bar, instead of the left of the Android home screen. This change will affect more than 800 million users who use this functionality every month.

In the mobile version, available for Android and iOS, different sections appear, called Cards, with the headlines of the most outstanding news based on our previous searches.

On top of each piece is a headline with a Discover star icon. Pressing this button will show more articles on that topic. In short, it works like hashtags in other social networks.

Google news feed


These Cards have a cover image, title and small summary, in addition to the name of the site where the information has been published and the date on which it has been posted.

In the upper right corner there is a drop-down menu in which you can hide the article, tell Google that you are not interested in that topic or block the page that houses the information so that it does not appear again in Discover. In the lower right corner is available the button to expand the information of the subject.

The content that can appear in Google Discover is very broad, from sports results to videos on YouTube. Some of the informative pieces can be accompanied by a series of Cards in the lower part that include, for example, the summary and the actors that are part of the cast of a show.