Dynamic Ads: Smart Advertising that Breaks Molds

There are many sectors that are allying with artificial intelligence. Digital marketing is one of them and, as we have been able to read recently, this union serves, among many other things, to get to know the client more closely and make better business decisions. But also to make online advertising more accurate, remarkable and adjusted to the tastes and behaviors of our target audiences.

The dynamic ads based on data-driven are a clear example of how the most advanced and futuristic technology is already having an impact on the advertising that surrounds us right now. These ads work with feedso databases that contain the advertiser’s product catalog (with images, videos, copies, prices, etc.) that, through its pre-processing, generate new fully customized banners adapted to user behavior .

In turn, the customized design is combined with a layer of data that can be internal or external. This implementation goes a step further and results in what is called predictive artificial intelligence. Take the case of a retailer as an example. We launched a campaign and, based on the information you provide about the stock, we generated banners with a personalized message of the type «Last units of the selected product» or «Only three articles of the chosen size remain». Another possibility would be to add the rating that users have given to each product (from 1 to 10 or from 0 to 5 stars, for example). Even incorporate the best comments from users who have already purchased the product in question. The options are as many as our imagination can dictate.

Let’s take another example case. The days before Black Friday, sales tend to plummet. The reason is logical: customers are waiting for the big day to come to take advantage of the discounts. Advertisers then change the marketing objective: from sales to add-to-cart. All information collected in shopping carts during that time may also be relevant to remarketing. The banners could include messages such as “This product is the most requested” or “Take advantage, do not miss out on the most wanted Black Friday product”.

What external elements affect the sale of your product?

The weather report, stock market values ​​or sports betting odds may also represent relevant data to apply to dynamic ads. We are facing an authentic revolution of digital advertising creativity.

i + 3D or how to generate smart banners

Can you imagine having the ability to create thousands of banners in an instant? Can you imagine that each of them was unique and personalized? And, as we put on, can you imagine that they could be created without the need to involve your creative team? Do not imagine anymore, because all this is no longer a utopia.

Currently, we can take advantage of artificial intelligence to make a more relevant advertising for the consumer, more efficient for the marketing team and more profitable for the advertiser. Digital marketing agencies must be able to take advantage of advances in technology to meet the expectations of customers, who are increasingly demanding. Although it is not surprising, since everything evolves at the speed of light and the competition advances by leaps and bounds. So either you get on the innovation car or it is possible that you go more unnoticed than ever.

The technology of the future is already being applied to the advertising of the present; advertising that increases sales while reducing cost and time to the rhythm of automated creatives, predictive analytics and machine learning.