Bank Debit is the Safe Payment Option for your Online Store

Faced with the constant growth of electronic commerce, conquer the customer requires differentiation from the competition.

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Faced with the constant growth of electronic commerce, conquer the customer requires differentiation from the competition. Offering different payment options, such as bank debit, for example, is an option for this.

Why offer the bank debit

If the credit card and the bill are among the first consumer payment options online, they are not the only ones. With the increasingly frequent use of homebanking services, the bank debit also arises.

The main problem for the user of this means of payment is the change of environment, says Daniel Ribas, head of operations of JET Retail Services. That is, the need to leave the website of the purchase and enter the bank. Even so, says Ribas, including that alternative payment in your e-commerce is valid. Some of the reasons for doing so:

  • Agility: unlike the bill to pay, the bank debit is settled almost immediately. In this way, the customer should also expect less for their product.
  • Security: as the whole process is done in the online environment of your bank, the security of the transaction is greater and this leaves the consumer more calm.
  • Logistics: when the client issues an invoice, the company reserves the product in its stock. The problem is that the consumer can give up the purchase and not pay the bill. In this case, the store can not sell the product to other interested parties. With the bank debit that does not happen.
  • Conversion: as the bank ticket gives the client more time to rethink the purchase before paying, the conversion into sales tends to be lower, which makes the debit more attractive to the owner.

The ideal situation is to offer several options

If you are convinced to include the bank debit on your website remember that you should not leave aside the other forms of payment. The credit card, for example, remains the most common option.

“CyberSource Corp identified that virtual stores that offer three or more payment methods have a sales conversion rate approximately 12% higher than those that offer only one payment option,” says Ribas.

We recommend that you analyze the data of your website to understand the behavior of the consumer when he is in contact with your brand. The abandoned carts before concluding a sale can say a lot about the problems of your virtual store.

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