5 Tips to Have More Followers on Twitter

Having more followers on Twitter is one of the goals of professionals working with social networks.

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Having more followers on Twitter is one of the goals of professionals working with social networks. This gives brands more relevance, improves their exposure and allows sales to increase based on a correct strategy. Here are some tips to achieve those goals without having to resort to buying followers.

The importance of Twitter

Twitter has more than 300 million users, very active and influential people on the internet. That is the importance of having more followers on Twitter.

A study of the social network and DB5 shows that a person who follows you on the microblog not only sees your tweets, but also performs actions that benefit your company.

For example, your followers share in their own networks the positive experiences about the companies that follow. They also retain your messages and are more likely to buy your products in the future. Twitter itself indicates that 85% of users say they feel more connected to small and medium enterprises after becoming followers.

How to have more followers on Twitter

Here we present five tips to have more followers on Twitter that were provided by the social network itself:

Select your advertising tools

To have more relevant followers, Twitter recommends that you do a follower campaign. This type of campaign consists of displaying the account promoted in different places of the network, both for computer users and for cell phones and tablets. Where these accounts appear you see “Who to follow”.

Create your own content

Users must have a reason to follow your company on Twitter. This is your job To be successful, use an illustrative photo on the profile, a Twitter identifier that goes directly to the point, and a biography that explains who you are and what you offer. It does not serve much solely to promote content: users must find relevant content.

Define your audience

You can segment your audience to have more followers on Twitter according to your interests, who they follow or in personalized audiences. You can also customize the followers you want to reach by geographic location, language or gender considering who your potential customers are.

Define a budget

The prices of Promoted Accounts are calculated based on the cost account per follower (CPF, for its acronym in English). In this way, you only pay when someone clicks on “follow” in your ad. Therefore, it is very important that you define a budget.

Measure the campaigns

Twitter presents statistics in real time for campaigns. Use that information in favor of your company.

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