Vendty: Smart Point-of-Sale Management

Managing the points of sale effectively and knowing in real time the activity of each of the branches, is one of the biggest remains of the new entrepreneurs who decide to start with their own business.

Looking to give an effective solution to this, two Colombian entrepreneurs, Roxanna Vergara and Arnulfo Ospino, decided to create Vendty, it is a software in the cloud that revolutionizes the way to manage business.

According to his own experience, before having a solution like this, all this management was done from records carried by hand, in Excel or in software installed in each computer of the cash registers in each store or warehouse. This did not allow integrating the information from the different points of sale and caused losses due to the inability of the merchants to control sales and inventory in real time and to be available in person at each location.

Taking advantage of new technologies and the Internet, Vendty emerges to allow traders to have a 360º view of the real situation of their business, integrating their inventory of products, sales, quotes, purchases, sales and commissions by seller, suppliers, accounts receivable and consumer habits of customers.

It is developed for the complete management in the cloud of retail stores and the understanding of its sales results through reports and alerts that allow to take preventive actions, and as an added value, it offers the option of developing customer loyalty programs and a store virtual with a few clicks and without further development.

A complete solution based on the cloud

Vendty started its sales in 2014, its goal was to provide the store with an administrative point of sale solution that was not in the market, that was totally in the cloud and whose payment was by subscription per point of sale, not per user. or number of invoices. They wanted it to be mainly easy to use, with good design, fast implementation and functionalities oriented to the growth of businesses such as: control of multiple branches or franchises, customer loyalty, integrated e-commerce and online metrics for the taking of decisions.

Your plans for the future

Roxanna and Arnulfo are experts in digital marketing and have managed to reach their customers through SEO and SEM campaigns, as well as referrals and distributors’ programs. They currently have 400 points of sale nationwide and 800 active users.

For now, while they consolidate their operation in Colombia, they are already planning to expand to more ambitious markets such as Peru, Mexico and the United States.

State-of-the-art technology at the service of the business

Vendty has IBM-Softlayer and Amazon servers, which allow a daily backup of all databases with which business information is 100% secure.

In addition, it is the only POS in the cloud with an Offline Version so that users can continue to bill if they run out of Internet access and synchronize the information when they are connected.

Vendty is a solution that was designed totally responsive and adaptive to mobile, which lowers costs. With an 8-inch Windows Tablet you can check in at the point of sale or at fairs.

According to these Colombian entrepreneurs, the most important thing is the intelligent management of the points of sales and achieve effectively integrate with other digital solutions that give added value to their customers. Currently Vendty is integrated with ERPs as robust as SAP and PeopleSoft, and with accounting software such as Siigo, World Office, and Colppy. In addition, with virtual stores such as WooCommerce, and PayU and LoEnvío platforms.