The Startup Kichink Facilitates the Creation of a Virtual Store

Imagine that you can sell the articles of your company online without worrying about the programming of the page, the payment system or the delivery of the products. Do you think it’s ideal? That is precisely what the Mexican startup Kichink does.

J├ęssica Monjaraz, responsible for the marketing department of the company, explains in this article how the platform works and what are the goals of Kichink, which was founded in 2013 and became the most important e-commerce company in Mexico.

The free online store of Kichink

The main purpose of the company is to facilitate access to electronic commerce. “Our promise of value is to democratize the tools of electronic commerce so that anyone can buy and sell online in an easy and reliable way,” explains the executive.

Kichink offers a platform where you can host your virtual store. In other words, you use the entire electronic commerce structure developed by the startup to start up your online commerce.

“Kichink is a site that hosts all the stores by category and has a product search engine, but the stores are autonomous, you can mount them on your website and Facebook fan page.”

Says Monjaraz.

This means that you do not have to worry about the processing of the payments, the delivery of the products or the technical issues of the page. The complexity of these aspects is borne by Kichink, who charges a commission of 7.5% per sale made, without further costs.

Kichink helps entrepreneurs grow

When the entrepreneur does not have to deal with the technical and logistics aspects, he can dedicate himself to what really matters to him. Thus, the team maintains its focus on improving the quality of products and services.

The result is “Kichink!”, The onomatopoeia of a register machine to which the name of the startup refers. The idea is simple: by using the startup to sell their products on the internet, the entrepreneur has more cash flow and increases the turnover of his company.

With the operation of more than 45,000 stores, the Mexican startup went from having six collaborators in 2013 to 100 in 2016. This growth transformed Kichink into the most important e-commerce company in the country and the group aims to continue growing. “We plan to expand soon to the United States and Chile, among others,” reveals Jessica Monjaraz.

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