RPost is a Pioneer in Certified Electronic Communications

Although for the personal communication the email is little used nowadays, the tool continues being considered indispensable for corporative solutions.

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Although for the personal communication the email is little used nowadays, the tool continues being considered indispensable for corporative solutions. What RPpost does is ensure that messages are certified and received securely.

Approximately 400 million users currently use the registration systems that the company offers to give legal validity to messages and documents sent through the electronic medium in more than 100 countries.

How RPost works

RPpost was created in 2001. It offers Registered Email technology for companies, law offices and government agencies that want more security in their communication over the Internet.

The brand currently has four integrated platforms to perform its service: RMail, RSign, RForms and RPostal. Each one complements the other.

The RMail, for example, is a registration application that allows you to rescue an image from the original email at any time, with details such as traffic history and paths traveled on the network.

“This modality of registered email has the same legal value as a physical document sent with mail registration. It contains a greater number of verifying elements of authenticity and flow for the purpose of forensic verification “, explains the president of RPost in Brazil, Fernando Neves.

RSign is already an electronic signature service that identifies the digital document and who is really its author, from a signature. The objective is to avoid fraud attempts. Rforms, on the other hand, is a solution for digital forms. It allows to fill, sign and verify any form and extract data automatically.

Finally, the RPostal is a product for companies that provide postal services, which allows them to offer a portfolio of electronic services, such as Registered Email and encrypted messages, certified by international bodies.

Exclusivity is the secret to growing

Registered Email is fundamental to the success of RPost. The company has the patent for the service and is the only one that can offer it on all platforms, including Android and iOS.

As a pioneer in the sector, the company was able to establish itself early in the market, when users began to understand the importance of avoiding digital fraud and giving legal validity to content sent over the Internet.

“Jurists, forensic scientists, librarians and IT specialists from around the world immediately hailed the RPost solution as an instrument that guarantees the security and reliability of transactions carried out through the digital medium.”

Concludes Nieves.

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