OhmyFi: A WiFi Connection Turned into a Business

Nowadays it is difficult to find a commercial establishment that does not have a WiFi connection.

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Nowadays it is difficult to find a commercial establishment that does not have a WiFi connection. However, the experience of connecting to the Internet in many cases is not available to any client who visits the business but is limited to employees. The question here would be is taking advantage of this resource in the best way to improve the customer experience?

“To respond to this need, more and more latent in business, OhmyFi was born, a Colombian venture that seeks to make the most of free Internet connections.”

OhmyFi is a web platform that converts Internet access points via Wi-Fi from commercial establishments into an alternative and effective means of communication through the creation of loyalty experiences.

This application also works as a complete system of publicity and knowledge of the clients. When it connects to the Wi-Fi point of the establishment, it displays an advertising of the company, interacts with the brand and accesses value-added content according to its profile, which generates unique and personalized experiences for each user.

A large-scale WiFi connection

OhmyFi was born as a social project that sought to bring access to knowledge through WiFi to vulnerable populations, but which sought to go beyond just providing access to the Internet.

It was so that little by little they integrated functionalities to him to make surveys, to profile the users at individual level and to send directed general, group and individual contents; this allowed us to recommend free Internet content so that people could get more out of this according to their profile. The business model initially proposed was that companies could show advertising of their companies among those contents.

However, this model was very small and the companies were interested in more massive media, which is why a more oriented solution was developed for the commercial sector such as restaurants, cafeterias, bars, shopping centers and even government, as a tool for marketing, entertainment, communications, loyalty and studies in real time through WiFi. This created a self-sustainable model that could contribute to the financing of the social project.

All this made it possible to perfect the solution for the market that turned OhmyFi into a useful proximity marketing tool not only for the marketing departments of the companies, but for those of customer service, quality, planning and for management.

A look abroad

This Colombian enterprise created by Diego Fernando Rodríguez, started its operations in the city of Pereira. In the first phase, it focused on customers who had one or two commercial establishments, mainly bars, and there the product was refined and new tools were created to add value to the customers.

When the product was consolidated, it was oriented to larger customers that had several locations, such as restaurants and cafeterias with chain formats.

When OhmyFi began to grow, it was demanded by larger places and robust solutions were created for shopping centers and places visited by many people. At that point, a market was opened in Manizales and Armenia and later Bogota, Medellin and Cali were reached. Currently more than half a million people are connected monthly to the OhmyFi points.

An expansion model with partners is currently being developed to represent the solution in Ecuador and Argentina, and a Swiss company wants to bring OhmyFi to Italy and Switzerland. Some projects are being developed to implement it in Mexico, Central America and Chile, together with Telefónica.

Being a very innovative idea for the market that decided to attack, from the beginning OhmyFi focused on issues of IoT and Smart Cities, in the democratization of knowledge and in closing the digital divide of the less favored people. The main focus of this Colombian entrepreneur is “to improve the quality of life of the people”.