iContainers, the Spanish Internet Logistics Company

Do you want to solve all the problems of your export or import company through the internet? That is the proposal of the Spanish company iContainers, a pioneer in this field in the European country. Through its online platform you can perform the most diverse administrative tasks transparently, economically, quickly and easily.

More about iContainers

Logistics and foreign trade companies are responsible for planning and managing the transport of products from one country to another in the supply chain of international trade.

Its responsibility is to deal with issues such as transportation contracting, selection of the most efficient routes, clearance of merchandise by customs, among others. iContainers has a system that manages all these tasks, always seeking the best rates for your shipments.

The platform offers online quotes and real-time reservations for international destinations through shipments by sea and air with over 150,000 rates. This means that any client can contract transport from Spain and the United States to more than 300 ports around the world and vice versa.

This is equivalent to providing coverage of more than 95% of the most important maritime traffic for Spain, including the most important ports in the United States, Central America and South America, Asia and Australia.

The main clients of the brand are import and export companies, as well as professionals who, for work reasons, must move to distant countries and resolve the issues of the move. “Currently, we have more than 800 business clients and the number grows as we become more accessible for small and medium enterprises,” celebrates iContainers operations director, Gonzalo Parejo.

The numbers of the brand help to understand how the idea of ​​iContainers became a big business: in September 2015, upon reaching seven years of the beginning of operations, the company reached the mark of 16,000 containers moved on its platform. At the same time, the brand consolidated a portfolio of more than 800 companies that use their services regularly.

The history of the company

iContainers was founded in 2007 by two young Spanish entrepreneurs: Ivan Tintore, specialist in freight transport of foreign trade, and Carlos Hernández, from the startup area. Entrepreneurs joined forces to put into practice the idea they had had some years before, when they lost a client because they could not offer maritime transport options immediately.

The company started operating the following year, in 2008, based in Barcelona. Five years later, in 2013, they opened the first international office in Miami.

iContainers continued with its expansion plans and in 2014 the company arrived in India to open a branch in the city of Ahmedabad, the fifth largest in the country, with more than 5 million inhabitants.

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