Inbenta: Artificial Intelligence to Serve Customers

Created in 2005 by the Spanish entrepreneur Jordi Torras, Inbenta was created to help brands in their online relationship with their clients.

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Created in 2005 by the Spanish entrepreneur Jordi Torras, Inbenta was created to help brands in their online relationship with their clients. For this, the company bets on concepts of artificial intelligence and semantic search. Learn how it works

How does Inbenta work?

When a user searches for information on the internet, the result you want to find is not necessarily what you have written. That’s where Inbenta comes in. Cassiano Maschio, project manager of the company in Brazil, explains that Inbenta has a natural language processing platform that allows computers to understand the meaning of human language.

An example: in the FAQ section of your page you can create the question “How much does an international call cost?”. The idea of ​​the tool is to reach that answer even if the user has asked it in a different way. If you wrote “cost to speak to France”, you will get to “international call” even if your base of frequent questions is huge or there are typing errors.

The concept, says Maschio, arose in the Cold War, when both sides (the United States and the Soviet Union) sought to intercept each other and translate their communications automatically. “When translating, it is not enough to interpret each of the words that form a phrase. It is necessary to understand the relationship of these words in the context in which they appear to obtain a correct translation, “explains Maschio.

But how does the system find the right answer for what the client is looking for? The semantic search engine of Inbenta allows a comparison of unstructured, ambiguous searches or with typing errors.

This means that the tool will provide a result according to the general sense of the search and in that way the results will be better. By performing a search by meaning, and not by keyword, the client can get closer to the goal of their search. “Inbenta applies this technology in the pages of its clients to improve search systems and the performance of virtual assistants when responding messages automatically (search engines, emails, forms, tweets, etc.) or also to increase SEO traffic”, adds Cassiano Maschio.

Implementation of the tool

Although complex, this technology is easy to implement. As the companies that hire her have urgent needs, Inbenta ensures a complete implementation of the system in less than three weeks. Natural language processing is available in the multilingual tool with more than 20 languages.

Maschio comments that Inbenta’s clients are services, communications, e-commerce companies and all those that have an active digital presence, companies that require high effectiveness in automated customer service and / or website conversion. Among the brands that use its system are: Franklin Planner, Chartboost, Porto Seguro and the Brazilian network Renner.

The intelligent customer service software has several advantages. The first is a reduction in costs, since it makes it possible to provide care quickly and easily. It also helps in instant response, since it reduces the number of attention tickets via email and call center by up to 30%, according to the brand’s official website. Clients also receive responses via Twitter and Facebook thanks to the integration with those media.

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