How to Describe an Offer of Employment? (Job Description)

The success of your business necessarily involves the quality of the team that works with you.

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The success of your business necessarily involves the quality of the team that works with you. And to get a good team you need a good recruiting technique. This process is extensive and begins knowing how to describe a job offer.

The importance of the description of the offer

A wrong contract can cause great harm to your company. The executive director of Bazz Consultoria in RH Celso Bazzola indicates that the financial damages of a wrong contract can vary from 3 to 15 salaries per year.

This number includes the entire recruitment process, considering that the human resources sector had to draw profiles, analyze curricula and interview candidates, in addition to losses for the payment of salaries, taxes, benefits, compensation, unproductivity and rework, among others. factors.

“One of the main problems that are currently seen in companies when hiring is the lack of definition of the profile and appropriate requirements for the position.”

Says Bazzola.

“Another relevant point is that recruitment and selection are done urgently. Covering the vacancy at any price overcomes the planning and analysis”.

He adds. Therefore, knowing how to describe a job offer is very important.

How to describe a job offer

The following tips will help you find the right person for the profile you are looking for.

1. Title of the offer

The announcement should offer as much information as possible about the position, functions, location and level of the position. More than avoiding who does not have the appropriate profile, what you’re looking for is for the right person to see your ad.

2. Profile of the offer

When preparing the description, remember that it is very important to define precisely the profile of who you are looking for the position: what are the characteristics that you should have and the desired experience. That will prevent you from wasting your time with many resumes that do not contain what you are looking for.

3. Technical description

What knowledge should the candidate have to aspire to this position? This is another important fact when describing an offer of employment. What is schooling, software knowledge, language knowledge? Analyze everything you expect your new employee to bring to the company and describe all this in the offer.

4. Information on the position

The location, the contract time and the hiring regime are very important information, because the candidate will go to the interview knowing what to expect from the offer.

Suppose the recruiter chooses a candidate after interviewing him, but the candidate loses interest in the offer because he did not like the conditions of the job he only knew at that moment. If the conditions are described in the offer, it is easier for everyone.

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