How to Delete the History of Videos Seen on YouTube

The history of YouTube videos, in addition to storing what we have seen, is a source of data for the recommendation algorithm of the platform. If one day we suffer a strange obsession with the masonry of the seventeenth century and see dozens of videos on the subject, our recommendations will include a good part of masonry videos.

“YouTube search and play history can be modified from the platform itself or from the Google account control center.”

Not only that. We may have been watching videos that we would be embarrassed for other people to discover. Therefore, removing the history of viewed videos can be very useful.

Before telling how to delete the tests, a recommendation: if for example we are going to use YouTube to put children’s videos for a child, a good way to avoid future recommendations are videos for children, is to use an incognito tab in our browser or use YouTube without signing in

In the YouTube browser version, you have to go to the left panel and click on “History”, where you can see all the videos that we have seen with that account, either on the computer or on mobile devices. Once here, several options appear on the right side of the screen.

You can see all the videos played, the history of searches, of comments, of chats in live videos… It also gives the option to delete all the history of reproductions or to pause it. With this last option, all videos that are viewed will not be recorded.

Another option, that allows a more exhaustive control is to go to the Activity Control of the Google account. Once here, you have to go down to select the option “YouTube Search History”.

From this panel, searches and reproductions can be eliminated by sections, to delete only some videos or some searches without having to delete the complete data and to reset the recommendation algorithm.