7 Tips to Deal with Parent Groups on WhatsApp

Being in a WhatsApp chat with other fathers and mothers to discuss the school issues of their sons and daughters can be stressful.

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Being in a WhatsApp chat with other fathers and mothers to discuss the school issues of their sons and daughters can be stressful. Duties, questions, and sometimes, things that do not have much to do with the theme of the group make the number of unread messages grow at a dizzying pace.

“School chats for parents can be tedious if basic rules are not followed.”

Following the conversation can become very difficult when messages accumulate. Therefore, from Empantallados, a web portal dedicated to digital education, provide seven standards of behavior for this type of groups. The idea of ​​these tips is that the information shared in groups is limited to the essential and necessary.

The rules shown, using quite common sense, should bring peace and tranquility to something at times as convulsive as school chats.

1. The information must be relative to the school: The most important thing is that the chat users are limited to sending information relative to the school and the academic affairs of the children. In this way, the group will not be filled with conversations that may not interest everyone.

2. Cut critical conversations: If a conversation goes from mother, recommend cutting it as soon as possible instead of adding fuel to the fire, which is something that can make all members feel uncomfortable.

3. If there is a problem, keep it private: The recommendation to use a private chat to solve a possible problem at school will also eliminate information that other parents do not have to read.

4. The chat is not to do the duties of children: It is better not to use chat to solve jobs or duties that have the smallest. In this way, they will do their work themselves, which will make them more independent boys and girls.

5. Do not write after hours: Do not forget that chat users have a life of their own, so not sending anything at ungodly hours is ideal to not disturb anyone.

6. Think before you write: In this type of chat it is very possible not to know all the members personally, so measuring the words is very appropriate. You do not know who can misinterpret a comment, so it’s very important to think through what you have to say before writing it.

7. Remember that you are in a group: Finally, it is recommended not to write anything that does not contribute something to the whole group. If there is any question that only interests a member, it is best to use private chat so as not to obstruct the conversation with the rest of the people.